(Smairuhh) normal levels of death threats

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The city is in bad shape but honestly this new apartment at Aubrey Plaza owns. It has a set of huge windows overlooking NorthWest Street so it gets amazing light. There's an extra-long Fionah couch and 2 amazing loungers by Conceptuality. It's a 1br/1ba but both the br & ba walls have pulse responsive walls which is honestly a game changer. The 1br thing is especially interesting considering that Vibafloxyn has pretty much moved in alongside Smairuhh? Apparently? They haven't really had time to process it/sit with it/communicate about it because Smairuhh's been so so busy dealing with ongoing Trrashiclan fallout since the Qynkazel Verification. She mostly just passes out on the Fionah for a few hours at a time before waking up and digging back in. It's been. A lot.

Like OK::

Qynka and Azelbeth were seen at Linultima together, which, a) their first time out in public as a couple. Rioting ensued. Plus, b) why would they be looking at furniture together? Weird choice? Unless? Because then: a few hours later they were seen entering The Tower together, which leads to immediate speculation that they were, are, in fact, planning a wedding. A freaking wedding.

Half the city exploded in excitement about true love and brands coming together from across the battle lines, etc, and the other half lost their shit and declared the wedding a symbol of the permanent death of true romantic love as a concept, official dead forever, and anyone who supports this relationship should be killed immediately because they don't understand the first thing about relationships.

Things went from threats to physical violence pretty quickly. Brands associated with Qynka or Azelbeth were alternately attacked or defended. A few murders. Some really entertaining footage, but still things in Wood2 had a very stressful vibe overall.

So then Qynka & Azelbeth release a 2nd joint statement, saying that they never meant for their relationship to cause so many people so much distress and bodily harm, and that in the interest of public safety they are going to be taking a step back from their relationship, and hopefully now the fandoms can be begin healing and focusing inward.

And then people REALLY freak out because there's a sudden sense of loss about what would have been a monumental, historic brand unification, plus all the people who had been suspicious about Qynkazel's motives now had to walk it back and admit that actually it's only when you really love someone that you can make a sacrifice so deep for the greater good. So then the ENTIRE city is freaking out that Qynka & Azelbeth AREN'T going to get married.

So and then, with basically the entire city totally upset, Qynka & Azelbeth release a 3rd joint statement saying that if it means so much to everyone, and it will help combat the overall negativity of life, they are happy to get back together, and are officially getting married, and they are so excited to share and grow their love with the people of Wood2 as a whole.

Honestly, literally one of the busiest hours of Smairuhh's life. But it's over, and the even more good news is that the death threats against her for her alleged role in causing all this drama have died down. Not completely gone, but back down to normal levels of death threats anyway.

So that's like that.

The Arena Mall has been booked for the wedding this weekend and the invites have gone out. Truuuly, Sydrifase, H8bunni, Jexxica, YenniferGrace & SummerHyde and HELLBITCH, all your favs, all got invites. Even Kessl8 and Raminashi are invited, which is such a sign of generosity and forgiveness, which are rapidly becoming the hallmarks of the Qynkazel brand.

Until more details of the wedding emerge the rapidly-growing Qynkazel fandom is mostly engaged in tiny little battles about what they should do to collectively show their love and support for Qynka & Azelbeth. But it's nothing that needs Smairuhh's immediately attention! Woo! Busy. Smairuhh puts down her screen and gets up from the couch and stretches for the first time in maybe hours and= sees Vibafloxyn standing by the front door, one hand on the knob, glaring.

Smairuhh: "Ahhh! Hi! Sorry I've been so busy. Are you going out?"

Vibafloxyn: "I'm LEAVING."

Smairuhh: "OK when will you be back?"

Vibafloxyn: "NEVER. I'm leaving YOU. Permanently, forever. I can't live like this!!!"

Smairuhh: "Can't live like what, this place is great."

Vibafloxyn: "Can't live with YOU, being how you ARE."

Smairuhh: "Babydrool I'm sorry I've been so busy, there's just so much happening lately. But things are settling down so I shouldn't have to work as much now and maybe we can hang out?"

Vibafloxyn: "What? No, I don't care that you work a lot, I love having my own personal time and space, I MIND that you didn't get an invite to the wedding, and that you don't even seem to care how that looks."

Smairuhh: "Um. I mean I don't really even know them. I'm almost confident that Qynka at least knows I exist, but we can still wait in line and probably get in on the ground floor to see the wedding."

Vibafloxyn: "I don't want to wait in a line like some regular person. This wedding is basically your idea. You sold this relationship to the city before Qynka & Azelbeth even had the idea to start dating. They owe you. After all you've done for them? How hard you've been working on their behalf? And they don't invite you? They don't even acknowledge your role in their relationship? The whole thing is just like. TOO SAD. I can't deal with it."

Smairuhh: "Um. Maybe we can ask around, maybe there's contests for box seats we can enter."

Vibafloxyn: "You don't get it. It's important to me that you didn't get an invite to the wedding, and I wish it was important to you. I wish you cared about the things I care about. All your followers expect you to be there. They expect you to take me, and for us to have an amazing time, and for us to look really hot together, and we have a great view of the wedding where everyone can see us, not from the ground floor. Like what's the difference, the ground floor was where you watched the last Arena Mall battle."

Smairuhh: "Umm."

Vibafloxyn: "There's all this speculation about you being a close personal friend of Qynka's, so like what's going to happen now that they find out you're a total fake."

Smairuhh: "I'm not a fake, I just-"

Vibafloxyn: "WHATEVER. I have enough followers now to get my own place at the Delena and I'm going to follow my life-long dream of expressing very strongly-held opinions through dance, I'm really excited to take my brand in a new direction, so anyways, bye."

Vibafloxyn storms out and slams the door behind and Smairuhh just stares at the door for a long while after. 


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