Prologue: Four Years Ago

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Author's note: Warning, this prologue isn't recommended for preteens and below since I wanted a dark backstory. Please skip to the next chapter.


Prologue: Four Years Ago


          The rain finally stopped.

          Behind me, angry voices yelled foul words. I remembered how scared I was in my small witch outfit. I remembered how tiny pieces of candy fell down my supposed-to-be full pumpkin bucket. I couldn't scream, because it would give away my location. I ran to various houses and knocked loudly on their doors. No one came. I would occasionally get a "Halloween's over. Go away." every time.

          "This isn't happening. This isn't happening."  I thought to myself. I was tired of running down and around my dark neighborhood. The voices of the angry men seemed to echo from everywhere, but then it might've been my frantic imagination. I could feel the blisters forming on my toes. These boots weren't made for running nor for the rain. It was just for costumes.

          I turned a corner where the streetlights dimmed. My house was on the other side of the neighborhood, right where the men came. Wrong move. It was a dead end with overflowing trash bins. I could probably get on these and hide, but then the candies I promised my mom would...(Give me a break, I was eleven.)

          Only then in that hopeless moment, I felt tears start pouring down my cheeks. I wanted to cry for my mom. For my dad. For anybody.

          "Hey, there, little girl!" a gruff voice said behind me. I turned around and saw the four muscular men by the sidewalk. They were the usual biker gang. Tattoos, mohawks, nose rings, the evil animal look on their eyes which would make a blind man cry, yep.

          "Missing your hat, Hermione?" he said, holding a wet pointy hat which I bought in Walmart for a dollar. He handed it to the man beside him before that man ripped it. Oh well, there goes my dollar.

          The tears were pouring like a waterfall now and I was shaking hard from the cold. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

          Okay, scratch what I said before. When I said "anybody", I didn't mean them. Did I just jinx myself? Fate sucks.

          I reluctantly dropped my bucket of candies and removed my soggy boots. I threw it at them and lunged for the only closed trash bin. I had decided to go over the wall and update my daily journal. I might of overestimated my speed for the man who spoke to me--probably their leader--grabbed me by the hair and threw me to the ground. I screamed again.

          "It was an accident!" I wailed. Trying to crawl away from the large man. He crouched in front of me and pulled me by my aching feet. My knees scraped the uneven ground. I felt my longsleeved black blouse tear. I tried to kick free, but his grip was as strong as it seemed. The other three men came closer, but remained a few feet away from their leader. "Please, I'm so sorry!"

          "Sorry? For what? I'm here to thank you. Thanks for stumbling on my bike. Thanks for making it fall to the asphalt. Why the hell were you running in the rain anyway? Wait, no. Better question, do you know how much the paint of my bike cost?" I didn't respond, but I cried harder. He pinched my cheeks so that I looked like a fish. "Oi, answer."

          "I--. Twenny bwucks?" I blurted out from my fish lips.

          "Wrong answer." He slammed my face on the ground and stood up. "It costs your life."

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