Study Buddies? (S)

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Troye's POV.

I rushed into class as the bell rang loudly. I sighed in relief, glad that I wasn't late to the first day of second semester. I scanned the room quickly, desperately trying to find a seat that was still open. Mostly everyone was already here and in there seats, that they had choosen. The only kids that weren't in class yet were the kids who thought they were 'too cool' to come to class early or the druggies as I would like to call them, the kids who would hang out in the bathroom and smoke away there sorrows.

As i looked around my eyes landed on a seat in the back of the classroom, there was someone sitting next to the spot, but I couldnt quite pin point who it was because of my crappy far sighted eyesight. I decided that I should probably go to take the seat next to them.

As I was walking over to the figure I instantly noticed who it was. He had a small frame, a dimpled smile, and the cutest sense of fashion taste. As I was looking over him I noticed he had changed his hair colour since the last time I saw him, last semester. It was now a bright lilac colour, that suited him very well, I doubted other people could pull that off besides him. His glasses were also changed, they weren't the round ones he usually wore they were more squareish shaped (idk the word).

In my terms. . . he was possibly the hottest guy in the whole entire school.

Since the first day of freshman year, I immediately had a crush on him. I could never take my eyes of his gorgeous figure. The only downside was, he was the biggest flirt, and was 2 grades ahead of me. He has constantly had boyfriends on and off, while as I am, never actually been in a relationship. If you wondering yes, I am a virgin, which suprises a lot of people. I honestly don't see why, im a skinny boy who has no social life, and is constantly on tumblr, while eating nutella. Each week I swear I consume my whole entire body weight in chicken nuggets.

I didn't realize I had zoned off and completely stopped walking, mid to half way there, until a voice sounded in front of me. My eyes snapped to who was talking. Tyler. His gorgeous piercing dark blue eyes skimming over my figure as they landed on my face.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or... are you gonna come sit down?" He said flirtatiously, biting his lip as his eyes again began to travel over my body.

I rolled my eyes at his forwardness and felt my face heat up, with the way he was looking at me. I was probably red as a tomato. I looked down as the ground as I hurried and sat down next to him.

"You cute when you blush" he stated bluntly, leaning back in my chair as if to get a better view of me, "Im Tyler by the way, you are..?" He questioned.

I fought the earge to say 'i know' as he introduced himself to me. I smiled politely in his direction "T-Troye. ." I stuttered. Great, way to ruin it, I was such an idiot, way to act bashful and like an idiot in front of him.

"Nice to meet you Troye Boy" he said giving me a nickname. I turned my head to look at him, only to find him already staring at me, only then did he wink at me.

"Way to act casual, after meeting someone new," I teased. I wasn't the best at flirting, but my insides lit up when he smiled back at my reply.

"I see someone's not as bashful as they once where. . . Maybe. . . 2 to 3 minutes ago?" He said, playfulness seeping into his voice. We had gotten so distracted on talking and getting to know each other, we hadnt even noticed when the tacher walked up to the front of the room and started teaching her lesson. Nor dod we notice when she started making her way down the aisles to our table.

I turned around flabbergasted as I heard someone clear there throat behind me. I clenched my jaw together tightly turning my head slowly to see who was rudely interrupting our conversation. I turned my head to see the teacher standing there with her arms crossed, disappointment marking her features. She spoke up a few seconds later, after giving up a stare down "Is there something you would like to discuss with the class?" She asked rudely, crossing her arms over her large breasts.

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