35: First Day Together

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Author's POV:

           Quite July showers drizzling the morning, as the morning spreads colours behind the black clouds. There sat Aayat , woken up from her sleep. Her hair carelessly falling out from the loosely frappes hijab of hers, that she had wrapped before sleeping last night.

            She stood up, her eyes grazing the details of Mahir, her husband's room. The room was decently furnished with wooden furniture. The white tiles on the floor, making the room appear more spacious. She made herself walk towards the balcony on the right side of the room.

         Sliding the glass door, she stepped inside the balcony. The raindrops dropping from above the shed , swiftly touching her face as the wind directed then towards her.

         Soon enough, the fajr azaan (morning prayer call) went off. She entered inside, only to find Mahir still sleeping.

'should I wake him up from prayer?'
She thought to herself but then decided to first go and take a shower.

         Making her way inside the bathroom, she went to take shower.


         He squinched his eyes as the brightness that was breaking into the room due to the open doors of balcony disturbed his sleep. The strands of his black hair covering his one eye as he shifted it away.

        Reaching to his mobile, he witnessed that it was 30 minutes past the fajr prayer. He was late for his morning prayer. He never really missed his morning prayers, as he was a morning person but may be because of sleeping late yesterday or not even sleeping peacefully, he wasn't able to get up.

          Yawning, he sat up and then started wearing his slippers . That's when he saw, Aayat was sitting on the prayer mat, her back facing his back as her hands were raised in dua.

          He observed her wiping hands over her face as she then got up, with collecting prayer mat in her hand. As she turned, she found him already looking at her.

         He saw her face, a slightly pink in the shade as her eyes looked back at her. Was she crying again? He asked himself.

"I.. I was about to wake you up for prayer. But.." she tried to say breaking the tension in the room.

"I understand." Mumbling, he got up and went straight to the shower.

            When he returned into the room, he found the room empty. But then he heard Aayat's voice coming from balcony. She was talking over the phone.

           Leaving her thought, he got ready to pray and then prayed his namaaz.


           After praying, he returned to the bed as he was still feeling sleepy. Laying down, he closed his eyes. He was about to drift off to sleep, she called his name slowly,


He immediately opened his eyes and saw her standing a little away from bed while looking at him.

"When does everyone wakes up ?" She asked.

"Everybody wakes up usually by 8 am." He answered shortly. She just nodded and went to sit back on the couch.

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