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xxxiii| As you like it

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Hey! It's a week since an update but I honestly feel I haven't written anything since ages

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It's a week since an update but I honestly feel I haven't written anything since ages. I have been studying and watching b99 XD

moving forth, this chapter is short? maybe? but drops a huge hint for the suicides. plain chapter.

🤍 question for the update:

have you ever landed yourself in the hospital?

yes. i am a classified clumsy person. and the reason i ended up in the hospital, is the highlight of my entire life.

Happy (Desi) Friendship Day!💜✨

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The lady had returned back to her desk, while Ishaan and I are still seated on the metal chairs looking at each other. He is obviously judging me and I am glaring back, trying to diffuse the heated look he is passing towards me.

He turns his head towards the empty corridor, rubbing his forehead.

And I am sure he is thinking something deeply.

"Give me the key." He whispers loud enough for me to hear. I hand him the small metal and pass him an incredulous look.

"I'll go inside the record room, which is the last room in this corridor. You'll have to guard the door. Can you do that?" He questions.

"Ah- you are forgetting who got you the key in the first place." I fake a smile at him.

"And you are forgetting who just bled her forehead because of not walking properly." He retorts back mockingly.

"It's an inbuilt defect. I can't cure it."

"What do you even mean? You just have to walk carefully."

"Exactly. When I am extra conscious, I still manage to twist my ankle while walking slowly. I just can't get rid of the clumsiness." I suspire in defeat.

He huffs, shaking his head in disapproval.

"I'll go there subtly, try not getting hurt, again? Okay." He commands the last sentence.

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