Chapter 15: Curious

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You look up from the dandelions you were admiring, your face full of alarm. Sumi was sobbing, tugging onto your sleeves in a pleading manner. "P-p-please help us!" She cried out, dampening your hakama pants. (You're probably wearing something similar to Tsukasa)


You heard shouting in the distance, some belonging to Kiyo and Naho while another deep male voice yelled at them.

By the time you two neared, Sumi charged at him as the others swarmed around him as well. You stayef back, waiting for an opening. Soon after, Tanjiro interfered, trying to headbutt him but to no avail.

You laughed at their little standoff, chuckling at Kanao's efforts. You soon gasped seeing how he carelessly threw Naho away after realizing she wasn't a Corps member. It irked you a bit to see him doing that which let you make your move.

"Anyways, I'm taking her with me."

Light tapping could be heard, wind flowing through your H/C hair.

"She may not be useful but she's still a member regardless."

In one swift movement, you lifted your leg middair with Tengen dodging. "You see, Y/N had a much flamboyant grand entrance but you know the rules, you can't hurt another member." He smirked devilishly while your face remained stoic.

"Now Kanzaki, let's go- GEH?? WHAT THE HELL?"

"Y-Y/N-sama..." Aoi muttered out as she grasped on you for dear life. You gave a glare to the Sound Pillar, making him glare back. You held onto her securely, landing near the rest.

"You shouldn't think so lightly of everyone." You gestured for her to go behind Kanao to which she did.

"I'll go in her place, you need a female right?" You crossed your arms, unbothered by the tense atmosphere. Tengen shook his head with disapproval.

"No good, no good. You're still on resting time." You were about to protest when Tanjiro interrupted.

"We'll go instead!"



The butterfly trio surrounded her, engulfing her into a hug as tears poured out at immense speed. You patted Kanao's head to which she looked at you, confused.

"Great job, Kanao..." She raised a brow, contemplating whether she should ask or not. She opened her mouth to speak but only managed out a weird sound.

You chuckled, making her blush in embarrassment. She still wasn't used to it, to her, it felt like a thousand needles pricking her insides but... she kinda liked the feeling. It made her feel more alive.

"Kanao, great job for holding him down." You placed a palm over your heart, giving her a smile small. "That was something your heart told you to do, right? You can feel it, right?"

She reluctantly placed a hand over her heart, the rhythmic beating soothing her. She relaxed a little, adjusting her hand so she can feel the pin you had given her. It's metalic surface gave her a sense of comfort, reminding her she wasn't alone. Soon after, you joined the group hug for Aoi, making the ravenette squeal in protest, saying you were too strong.

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