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Hannah's pov

For my date tonight i decided normal would be nice. I mean we are only going to Starbucks. I laid out a baby blue flow top and gray skinny jeans with sliver sparkly flats with a bow on top. I took a shower then got ready. I dedcided to call Summer to come curl my hair and do my make-up.

Summer's pov

"Talk dirty to me!" I sang along to my radio. Then my phone rang.

"If you want money then no" I said not looking at the caller id.

"What i want is for you to come over here and my hair and make-up." Hannah said

"K bye" I said

I arrived at her house. Why did she need her hair and make-up done? When i got to her room thats exactly what I asked.

"I got a date with Louis at Starbucks" She said

"Oh get it" I replied

After finishing curling her hair and doing her make-up I left.

Hannah's pov

I was walking back and forth out of nervousness. All of a sudden i heard knocking. Oh no.

"HANNAH!" Niall screamed "Louis' here"

I walked downstairs at a normal pace. I didnt want to fall or keep Louis' waiting so...

"Remember bring her home by ten any later than that and your a dead man here me Tomlinson" Niall spoke harshly

"O-okay" Louis stuttered

"NIALL!!!" I screamed "your scaring him come on Louis"

Louis literally jumped off the couch and walked over to me.

"Have fun"Niall said with a smile

Louis' pov

I got to admit I never thought i would be scared of a leperchaun. That leperchaun sure was angry. I wonder if someone took his gold? Anyways I am so nervous. I opened her car door for her cause thats how much of a gentleman I am.

We got in the car then suddenly the radio blasted... MY HEARTS A STEREO IT BEATS FOR YOY SO LISTEN CLOSE!!! I quickly turned down the radio. I forgot i was jamming before i pucked up Hannah. Talk 'bout akaward.... Hannah gave me a really weird look before turning the radio back up "JUST SING ALONG TO MY STEREO!" She scream/sung. I laughed and we finished our trip to Starbucks listening to some tunes.

*At Starbucks*

"Hello im Jennifer I'll be your waitress today. What can i get you?" She asked

"Uh I'll have the blueberry banana milkshake" Hannah said (so i know that it isnt a real thing but ya know just go with it. That part was inspired by one of my friends and i told her i would put it in the book.  I never let my friends down so yeah.)

I laughed. Of course she would order that.

"I'll have a white hot chocolate" I said ( FINALLY SOMETHING REAL AT STARBUCKS!!! HAHAHA Yeah so back to the story...)

Jennifer walked away and I looked at Hannah. She had a frown on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Why did you laugh after my order?" She asked turning her head to the side in a cute manner.

"I just thought you was going to get that and then you did" I spoke as her mouth turned in to an 'o'

"Oh" she said

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