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For our particular email campaigns we have huge amounts of servers prepared for the email blasts. Regarding the [https://www.facebook.com/Omega-One-Marketing-101980289909977/} homepage], we've over 20 servers all set for you. The 20 servers enables us to distribute the big 50 million email blast and have now it completed in a short amount of time for our particular clients.

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For example within the "Item name field" no matter what the order form, Enter "Email blast Campaign to 200 Million Consumers". As well as in the amount field take in the discount amount we quoted you for this page. Enter 20,000.00

Large email sending campaigns or [http://www.omegaonemarketing.com/100-to-500-million-consumer-email-blast.html Email blast to 100 million consumers] serve the purpose of helping you sell out and became rich over-night by allowing you a large variety of sales and profits all at once. If you have an internet site that sells certain goods that deal with a clear holidays. For instance, send a Very massive email blast or 200 million on a holiday that goes hand in hand with the supplements that you have. Or send the massive email campaign on a holiday that utilizes loads of your product, then everything will definitely be sold out. Shall we say you have many product or even 10,000 products, a big email campaign of 100 or [http://www.omegaonemarketing.com 100 million email blast] will certainly offer them out an offer you all your profits within one week. Even if they are products with pricing found on the high end.

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