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Seventh out of 13 siblings. Rolly is a good man. He had in his heart the desire to serve his younger siblings and his mother. He was not born poor. Not until his father got blind with over fatigue and stress. Five kilometers walk is not new to his father's daily route,or we may consider it a Trek. Like Nomads before they settled in the little town, they reside in multiple locations. They're used to it, besides, they're still young to understand and complain.

Rolly grown up to be a healthy boy. Like one of the bullies instead of being bullied. He was not at all a bully. He is a gentleman, a sweet and loving brother - an apple to the eye of his mother. He knew that was and it made him proud but not hypocrite. Social status was not at all an issue at the older generation nor was it something they needed to resolve. Lack of disposition or laziness is the main cause of poverty. In fact, the number of children determined the family's wealth and capacity as well as authority and value. Nobody dared bearing many children they can't suffice to raise. The field is vast and the land is rich you only have to tickle it with a hoe and it will laugh with a bountiful harvest.

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