Love At First Sight

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I'm sleeping on my cat bed when suddenly my mum walks in and says "Harry get up time for school." And I say "Ok mum!!" And I get up and walk over to my closet where I grab a grey eagle jumper and grey work out pants and british flag socks and a purple golf hat and then I try to comb my ears into my hair so they won't show and then I tuck my tail into my pants and then walk downstairs to the kitchen where my mum hands me warm milk in a baby bottle and I suckle on the nipple while purring loudly and then my mum says "Hey Harry Liam's throwing a party tonight you want to go?" And I say "Yeah." And she walks over to me and scratches behind my ears making them pop up and I say "Mum it took me ten minutes to get those flattened into my hair!!" And she says "Sorry." And I step back glare and hiss and then scurry off to the bathroom to re-flatten my ears.

And then we walk out to her car and to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive Secondary School (his actual high school that he went to)and then I climb out and walk over to Liam and Niall only to get tackled by Niall so I say "Niall off." And he does and I stand only to have people laugh at me so I look up and see my ears and then I see my tail and then I hear Zayn say "Freak!!" And then I say "Shut the hell up Malik!!" And then run inside and to the boys restroom only to get stopped by Zayn and Louis who then start to pummel me until I loose consciousness and then they grab me by my tail and drag me outside then they put me in the top of the tallest tree outside then leave and the a few minutes later I wake up only to get stuck in the tree until someone says "Need some help?" And I say "Yeah." And he says "I'm Louis." And I say "And I'm Harry." And he gently picks me up and jumps down landing on his feet and I say "My friend Liam's having a party tonight you should come." And he says "Don't worry I'll be there see you Harry." And then he pulls me in and hugs me and then I start purring loudly

And then I say "If I show you something will you promise not to laugh or make fun of me?" And he says "I promise Harry." And I then ruffle my curls and then pull my tail out of my pants and say "I'm part cat." And then I concentrate very hard and my normal green eyes turn to green cat eyes and he goes in to hug me again just as Zayn shows up making the hair on the back of my neck stand up something I do when I'm agitated or mad so I growl making Zayn laugh and say "Freakish animal." And I say "Back off Malik!!" And I grab Louis' hand and pull him towards the school until I feel someone grab my tail and pull it making me growl again so I say "Louis he's hurting me!!" And Louis says "Zayn knock it off a cats tails the most sensitive part of their entire body!!"

And he grabs it and pulls it out of Zayn's grip and then he gives it back to me and I then tuck it back into my pants then say "Louis be my boyfriend?" And he says "Yes!!" And then he pulls me in and kisses me just as school ends and everyone walks out and then we pull away and hear Zayn say "Guys listen I have something to tell you about the twat he's part cat!!" And I say "Lou can I hit him now?" And he says "Yes." And I walk towards Zayn and attack only to have Zayn pull out cat nip making me stop and I look back at Louis desperately before Zayn pulls out the tranquilizer and fires it with a gun shot like sound and I look and see the dart in my chest before falling to the ground knocked out (Louis doesn't know this since the place where the dart hit him is bleeding a lot)

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