Ariana Grande

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[ inspired by call me by your name, 10/10 recommend it ]

𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞

ariana's pov

we plopped ourselves on the bed trying to  catch our breaths. we had just finished our forth round and it lasted for about two and a half hours.

"you should probably get going before mafalda sees you." i told him in hopes he would leave.

"can't i just stay here for a little while, i'm pretty tired." dalton replied as he yawned closing his eyes shut.

"no no no you can't, if mafalda finds out she'll tell dad and my dad will kill you first then me" i said shaking my head quickly. he stood up to get his clothes as he groanded in annoyance.

"shit she's here" i cursed as i heard the engine of a car downstairs.

"who's here ?"

"a friend" i said quickly putting on my clothes.

"a hook up friend ?" i could tell he was jealous by the sound of his voice but i didn't care. i saw him as a friend and thats all we'll ever be. i mean yeah he's attractive but i just couldn't see myself in a relationship with him or ever have feelings for him.

Dalton knew that i didn't have any feelings for him and it took him sometime to learned that but he on the other hand he caught feelings for me as soon as we hooked up and i'm pretty sure he still feels something for me.

"no, a friend of my parents" i glared at him before going to the window to see the girl my parents had been talking about.

even if i was upstairs i could still hear what they were coversing about. "ariana !" my dad yelled from downstairs.

"shit you have to go... now !!!" i said fustratedly at him when he wouldn't budge.

"jeez if i'm gonna come over to this every time then i don't want it"

"good cause i don't want you here either" i rolled my eyes at him as my father called out my name once again. i quickly rushed downstairs to my fathers studio where my parents and the mysterious girl was.

i was honestly curious to find out what she looked like or how she was like. because the last time someone came over it didn't turn out too well, turns out it was the wrong person who came over and the actual person who was suppose to visit didn't actually visit.

i entered my fathers studio to see the tall beautiful figure conversing with my dad. "ariana, y/n. y/n, ariana" my father introduced us.

"hi" she reached her hands out for a handshake, i took her delicate soft hands in mind and shook her hand lightly.

"make yourself at home. our house is your house" my father said as they exchange smiles.

i took one of her bags while she took her other bags and guided her upstairs to my room. when we entered my bedroom, y/n looked around the room, i couldn't help but to admire her side profile.

"and my room is now your room. i'll be next door" i said placing her bags on the foot of the bed. y/n drops her backpack and crashes on the bed, exhausted. I watched eyes closed as she drifts off to sleep.

she must've been that tired. so i let her be and left to my other room.



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