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"Hey, hey you're okay" Dinah says as the darker girl winces in pain

" Why am I in the hospital?" She says

"you passed out on the bathroom floor"

"where is Tucker?"

" he left about an hour ago, he will be back in the morning I guess. If you're up for it I have a few questions"

" What sort of questions Amanda?" She sits up.

" What did you consume at that party?"

"you know if I didnt know better I'd say you're acting as some undercover cop"

The blonde lets out a dry chuckle.

" I am, its officer Dinah Jane Hansen, I didn't want my cover to be blown like this but I had no choice after we found out that your drink was heavily laced with ecstasy. I came on board undercover to unravel the mysterious death of your friend Ariana Garcia"

" I told you already that her death was an accident"

" In your eyes it was or actually what you were asked to believe"

" what's that suppose to mean, look I'm done answering your damn questions I'm still tired from all of these damn medications which they have been pumping through my veins all night"

" Sydney, she is considered a good friend of yours too?"

" That's none of your business now please leave my room"

" Alright I'll leave you to get your rest but you should consider taking my warning about your bff Sydney. Get well soon" She leaves and finds Lauren in the hallway  with Isabelle

" I'm surprised to see your still  here " The blonde says

" Mani is my bestfriend so of course I'll hang around and I'm willing to help with the investigation whatever you need to know"

" I told her everything" The Latina says

" Did Sydney ever give drugs to Normani before?"

"Sydney, Tucker and Echo that trio is bad news but Mani got caught up with them due to Tucker hanging out with them"

"Thank you that's all I need to know for now, I'll stick around and keep an eye out" The blonde says

" Alright then I'll meet you here in the morning call if you need anything"

" Imma stick around for a bit too" Isa says

"I'll wait for you"

" You dont have too I can take an uber"

" Its fine" The Latina says . "and it's pretty late anyway"

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