Chapter 2

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When I came into my room my maids were finishing my dress, I told them to make it simple, unlike my mother I liked small things, I didn't like to stand out.
"Do you like it princess Zora? " I kept telling them to call me just Ashley but I guess they want to call me by my family name.
"It's just like I asked" I smiled politely. "Thank you".
The dress was black, with a tie surrounding my waist.
I let my hair down and choose my pearl earrings, And in symbol of my respect I wore a bracelet with the flag of Evander that the own king peter gave me when I was little.
My parents were waiting for me on the hall of the castle, together they looked so in love, but that was all an illusion it was all superficial.
My mum was wearing a black dress, long and big, covered with glitter and was wearing that big earring with diamonds, she wasn't even sorry about his death she just wanted to look good as always.
"Honey you look gorgeous" said my father smiling at me.
"Thank you papa" I held his hand showing him the bracelet.
He took a heavy breath and kissed my hand.
I turned to my mum and she was looking at me.
"The dress is.. simple.. too simple Ashley" she said.
"I don't pretend to be showing my best when there's people showing their lows".
"You're perfect darling" said my dad. "Come on we must go" we left the palace and a carriage was waiting outside.
I was honestly scared of going into a ship after what happened but I had no choice.
The trip wasn't long and I was the whole time thinking of William, thinking what would I do if he was indeed like everyone say.
We arrived and another carriage was ready to take us to the palace, Evander was so different than Zamira, it colder and, you almost couldn't see the sun behind the clouds, the whole place seem so depressed already.
Queen Eleanor was waiting for us outside the palace also wearing a black dress but it had some red details on the bottom, behind her was William, looking to the ground, his hair was dark as the night and his blue eyes looked empty.
We left the carriage and my mum almost ran to the queen.
"I'm so sorry for your lost Eleanor, he didn't deserve anything of this" she turned her fake side on.
While she was lying to the queen I decided to introduce myself to William.
"I'm sorry for your father" I looked into his gaze.
"Are you actually?" He said with a strong British accent looking me up and down.
"I am in fact, you're dad was a good person" I kept my calm, I wanted to answer him the rudest way possible, but he still lost his dad.
" I still can't believe I'm going to be forced to marry you" he started, and for the first time his eyes stopped on mine's.
" it's not like you're being forced to love me, because if you're always like this I promise u I won't tolerate you" I spit.
"Don't worry I'm way worst" he smiled rudely and walked away.
"What a great beginning" I thought for myself.

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