Operation get Aang out of bed

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Zuko's POV

Aang hasn't left the house in days. Before I rant about how unhealthy that is. Let me just say that he is being stupid. Like very stupid. How can he limit himself so much?!! I mean yeah, he is the Avatar and he can do whatever the hell he wants. But he also is a teacher at the school. The kids are starting to ask me how he is. Not Katara, not Sokka, not Toph. Me. That just- UGH. Why the heck would they go to me?!? If they didn't remind me every second they saw me, I can safely say I could easily ignore it.

It has gotten so bad that I have to go to the others for help. Me. Asking the others, for help. This is not an every day occurance. I just want him out of my house!! Of course I could just go into our bedroom, pick him up, and toss him outside. But I'm not going to do that!!! Maybe.

The others will be able to get him out of my house right? It's not like I've tried exactly. But I know if I tried it wouldn't work. I don't even have to try to know I would fail. AND I'M ADMITTING THAT I WILL FAIL!!! This is how annoying this has gotten.

All he does is just come out of his room to eat. Go back. Sleep. Sometimes take a piss. Repeat. It's too unhealthy. When I was hunting him he was almost always outside. Now he barely looks out the window.

So now this leaves me here. At the others doorstep. I don't bother knocking. "Oh hey Chet." Toph says calmly. As she sits by the fire, nonchalantly eating some fruit. Sokka and Katara are in a state of nuld shock/panic.

Sokka recovers first. "Um, hey?" It comes out more like a question.

"I need your help with Aang." I say simply. Katara comes to her senses and both Sokka and Toph smirk.

"With what oh mighty fire lord?" Sokka teases. I ignore him.

"Aang hasn't left the shack in days, won't get out of bed unless he absolutely needs to. And the circles under his eyes won't go away. Whenever I turn my back I can hear him trying to earth bend." All playfulness was wiped out of Sokka's expression. He raises a critical eyebrow.

"Have you tried?" Sokka asks. The question takes me slightly off guard. I don't let it show on my face though.


"Why not?" Sokka presses.

"No point, he wouldn't listen to me anyway." Sokka frowns.

"Well what are we sitting around for? Aang needs our help." Katara declares, getting up from her spot of the floor. Toph chomped on her fruit, and jumped to her feet. We went to the toad shack a few feet away. I opened the door for the three of them. Toph was the only one who didn't look wierded out by my gesture. She just walked right on in.

Katara and Sokka soon followed. I stayed where I was. Counting to twenty to calm my rapidly rising frustration. It's just been one of those days that you get pissed at every little thing ya know? I finally follow the group.

I have to admit I'm slightly amused at the scene that awaited me. Katara was close to losing it, and Sokka and Toph slowly backing away from the enraged water bender.

"I SWEAR TO BENDING THAT IF YOU DON'T GET UP RIGHT NOW AANG!!!!!" Katara yelled her entire face getting red. Aang just frowned, squeezing his eyes closed.

"You'll do what?" Aang said sassily. Turing so he facibg the wall. I had to bite my lip to rein in my smile.

"I-" Katara realized she couldn't really do anything. Other than dunk him in water. She probably knows that he wouldn't get up wet or dry.

She huffed, and stormed out into the cooking room. Me and Toph faced Sokka. "Your turn." Me and Toph said simultaneously. Toph grinned, and I bit down a smile. Sokka pouted and went toward the stubborn airbender.

"Aang, buddy, you ne-"

"No!" Aang interrupted, burrowing further into the sheets. Sokka put his hands up in surrender.

"Alright, I tried." He strutted out of the room. I looked down at Toph. She smiled.

"He's all yours Princey." She strutted out similarly to Sokka.

I looked down at the burrito of an Airbender. I tried to remember how Mother would wake me up. She would either threaten to wake Azula up. Or...

I smirked and approached the bed. I sat down with a thud. "Last chance." I said lowly. When he didn't respond I decided to go forth with my attack.

I dove forward and attacked Aang's sides. Tickling the thin sheets and boy under them. Aang schreeched in surprise. He squrimed trying to get away from my tickle attack. I grinned and persisted.

"Zuko!! Alright, AHA s-stop!! I'll get up, I'll get up!!" I grin and stop my attack. Aang sat up looking thoroughly annoyed. Then I realized he wasn't looking at me. I turned to see Katara, Toph, and Sokka in the doorway.

Katara looked absolutely shocked, and mildly like she was about to faint. Toph had a hand clamped on her mouth, forcibly holding back laughs. Sokka had a proud look on his face. I glanced back at Aang. He was pouting.

I got off the bed. The next thing I did, was purely out of reflex and NOTHING ELSE!!!

I got up, and walked over to where Aang was pouting. I leaned down and pecked his bald head. "Get dressed princess we're going on a hike."

Writer's note:
Alright another chapter done. I'm sad to say this story is almost done. About ten chapters left :\

I'm going to do another Zukaang fic. So what do you think of this au:

Word count: 992

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