Chapter 12

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Guess who's back, back again. I'm back, tell a friend. No but seriously let's get on with this. Enjoy.

Betrayal, and my dad, he had nerve to show up at the camp as a camp helper just to watch me, to work out how he could kill me, well this is me doing it before he can get his hands on me. The wind was strong, it was late, almost midnight I assume, but the breeze was nice on this cliff. It wasn't to cold, it was a summer breeze.



'How can he say that?' Phil mumbled, we sat in the bedroom, Jake leaning against the bunk bed beside us.

'Well he isn't aloud, trust me I will keep watch over him but if he says anything else I won't hesitate going over to the front office!'

'Thanks Jake.' I smiled up at him.

'Well I was stuck with two gays and a bi one year for something like six weeks, I've grown quite fond of you lot.'

'We still ship you with Sam.' Phil smirked. Jake rolled his eyes.

'It'd be Sake or, oh my- Jam!' I laughed,making Phil join in, I admired his laugh, when his dimples popped out and he looked his happiest. It's when he isn't trying to impress anybody. His tongue popping out of the side. He was an angel I'm positive.

'I love you.' I whispered to Phil, making him blush but he continued talking to Jake about something, squeezing my hand tight as if to say, me too.

There was a knock at the bedroom door.


'Sup just wanted to add some more gay into the room.' Sam winked at Jake who blushed slightly.

'Did Sam jus-.' Phil whispered to me, but I cut him off.

'So have you guys met up at all, you know, it has been a few years since we where all here at the same time.'

'Yeh, I guess.' Jake looked around shifty.

'Pablo!' I called, seeing him reach the top of the stair case.

'That Smit guy is refusing to sleep in the cabin, saying he doesn't want to catch the gays.'

'Talk about mature.' Sam muttered.

'Who's he talking to?'

'Some guy, I can't remember his name, they are just down stairs.' I nodded, pecking Phil's cheek before running down the stairs.

I had to admit, if I was a little more shocked, I would have had a heart attack when I saw my dads darkened eyes bounce to me. He smirked, completely ignoring Smit who continued to argue a case about going to a different house. So this is his plan, come here to ruin my summer. Would he try kill me again? I guess nobody really knows he was the guy that tried to kill somebody here, but they should have done there research, I mean over 30% of the kids that came before haven't due to his attempted kill here.

'Hello, son. I forgot to mention I was helping out at the camp this year, surprise!

I heard a creek and looked up, seeing a Phil. His eyes full of fear as he backed away from the top step, back to the bedroom. I heard him start to explain to Pablo, Sam and Jake who it was.

'Fuck off dad!' I groaned.

'Excuse me, you are in front of a younger child, he won't want to hear that.'

'He is a faggot sir, why should I care.' Smit laughed.

'True.' My dad agreed, making angry bubble up inside me.

Jake came running down and towards my dad. 'Sir, you have to leave, right now, get out of our house. We will not hesitate to call the cops. You are band from being on these grounds.'

Im sorry it's short but I guess it's just summing up some things, I want to try doing some longer chapters, so I will start those ASAP!

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