told you not to worry but maybe that's a lie

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i forgot how awesome the when we all fall asleep album was. i also forgot how much i love a majority of ariana grande songs, melanie martinez, taylor swift, even a lil bit of meghan trainor is in there :))

my mom cut my hair and i'm very happy. bc long hair is fine and dandy but i rarely ever liked it down. sometimes i looked super awesome but most of the times it made feel terrible. soooooo my mom finally cut it and i feel so much better :))

can y'all believe i finished the entirety of american vandal in two days? that show is so good i wish there were more seasons, they really could've had two more seasons by now :(

i was supposed to be watching avatar but for some reason nostalgia came back for american vandal so i decided to watch it again :) i forgot how adorable peter was and i forgot how freaking awesome it was to see him in that argument with dylan SOOO MUCH INSPIRATION BURST THROUGH ME DURING THAT SCENE bc he's usually so objective and calm and serious and to see him genuinely hurt that he was lied to and just raw anger and wHEW

school for me starts like next week or in two weeks (i still need to ask when i'm physically going back bc for some reason my school decided to adjust our calendar to the college schedule rather than the district regulated one)

now that i watched american vandal i feel like doing interviews again. it's freaking awesome interviewing people. i used to interview all of my teachers in middle school and for a while that was going good for me like the school district was interested in me. those guys are bigger than principals and teacher, they're the ones to really impress. and boy oh boy did i impress them. but then i had to stop bc i had to return the school computer. then i started up again interviewing my friends for a while but then i ran out of interviewees bc they all had other things to do during lunch which was like the only time anyone could do stuff. but i reeeeaaaalllly wanna interview OOMIGOSH OKAY OKAY I JUST GOT AN IDEA okay okay what if i interview the few students that decided to physically go to school especially the freshmen and seniors OOOOOHHHHH  BRO OKAY IM EXCITED NOW

okay anywho love ya, buh bye!!


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