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Soooo, the chapter you read previously is the original one and has its own story if I be honest. I never actually planned to continue this thing. Well actually, never would be a lie, since it's my first story in my life I did want to continue at the beginning, but then I dropped it. There's a lot of reasons for that too. That includes lack of plots and ideas, studies (I'm already procrastinating), other works (seriously, editing takes time), mental stress and basically lack of interest in continuing.

But as time passed, a lot of things changed. To be honest I've never felt time fleeing this fast yet I'm not even doing anything since I'm at home for lockdown. When I first came on Wattpad I mainly came to read, and thought of it just a usual library kinda thingy like many other apps in Google Play Store. But shortly after joining, I realised that this is not just a place to read, but an amazing platform for both reading and writing as well as graphic designing. I found A LOT of great friends and beautiful families that made me laugh in unexpected times. Though I'm an ambivert and never really faced any major problems or difficulties which I often hear from others and I'm truly grateful for that Alhamdulillah (it means "By/For the grace of Allah" for those who are confused about the word. Be warned! I use it a lot), life has its ups and downs, and they've supported me even when they don't even know me properly. I love you all and proud to have you guys <3.

Writing was never a strong spot for me. I admit I wanted to write, but never really had the courage to do so. This short story was originally written from a prompt given by the YAMystery team for a contest. I had a great plot when I saw the prompt which I sadly forgot now but brushed it off since it's supposed to be a <750 words short story. And I had planned to keep it that way. Many might've even noticed that it was marked completed. But who knew what fate had?

It amazed me to see that I had gotten a lot of compliments from the readers, and many had asked for the information on the next chapter or told me to continue it. Honestly guys, thank you so much for supporting, I love you all a lot, you're the ones who gave me the inspiration and determination to write again. A special thanks to __Carrots__ because her words really struck me deep. Seriously Carrots, you might think you've said nothing but it meant so much to me. And though it never won any place in the contest it was originally made for... surprisingly, it won third place in Mystery genre in The Savant Awards hosted by TheSavantGirls. I was both dumbfounded and so happy I can't describe in words. I never really cared if it's a bad story or good; interesting or not or anything like that, because I am proud of it either way since it is the first story in my life. True, every time I saw someone liked my work I became happier, but I also had made my mind that I'd never think low of it even if I get bad reviews or no response at all. Thank goodness I never had to face it Alhamdulillah.

But enough of the back talking right now. I've thought a lot and now had finally made my mind to move on with this. Yes, guys! The Stolen Chocolate will be back again Inshaallah (if Allah wants) with some new additions and substitutions. I can't promise when I'll update because honestly, I don't know either. I have a weird mind just think that I'm writing this note at 1:30 in the morning when I am supposed to be asleep because I have to wake up within 2 hours from now. But oh well, what's done is done. If you really liked my writing then please be patient like me, obviously XD for me to write. But don't hold your breath! I'm still creating and thinking about the plot but I promise you that I will come up with something soon Inshaallah. But since you already made me determined, I won't stop writing it even if you stop reading it because like I said, I don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Joking XD, I do care now. So I too will be eager for your response. :)

Do keep in mind that I've decided to stay put on the theme of the story because I myself like it but am going to make changes a lot to run it properly. So the first chapter won't be the same, and the previous one is NOT THE FIRST CHAPTER. The story now starts from the next chapter. I first thought about deleting the previous one or make another book but as I mentioned, first ever writing. So I planned to keep it. RIP to those Awards I had participated which required the short story to be completed XD.

Anyways, I've said a lot already. I'll be going until next time. Till then, take care everyone! Stay safe and take care of others as well. Good-bye! And I love you all so much <3


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