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Gigi's POV

Gigi picked up her bag and walked out of the school. She greeted her driver and plugged in her headphones. She decided to listen a song from "Girl in red". With her head resting on the window, she closed her eyes to appreciate the lyrics of the song.

I shouldn't be feeling this
But it's too hard to resist
Soft skin, and soft lips
I should be into this guy
But it's just a waste of time
He's really not my type
I know what I like
No, this is not a phase
Or a coming of age
This will never change
They're so pretty, it hurts
I'm not talking about boys, I'm talking about girls

Gigi opened her eyes and shooked her head. Just because she listened to songs from "Girl in red" didn't mean she liked girls. Her music stopped for a moment, she just got a message

Nicky ✨
Hiii, I learned that tomorrow we would finally have more information about the trip to France !

Gigi 🥰
Really? I hope I'll have you or Jackie as a roommate

Nicky ✨
Me too ... it's really stupid that we can't choose who we want to be with

Gigi 🥰
I can't wait to hear you speak French! Will you be our guide ?

Of course ! Anyway, you know that Garry has a crush on you?

Gigi 🥰
Garry from the sports team? Omggg no he's really not my style

Well, you've never dated anyone ... What's your style? A lot of people would do anything to go out with you

Gigi 🥰
I don't have a particular style. I have to leave you, see you tomorrow

Gigi turned off her phone and grabbed her bag. She got out of the car and went home. She threw her jacket on the sofa and went up to her room. There was a little note on her door

"Sorry darling your father and I have an appointment tonight, there are lasagna in the fridge"

Gigi sighed and threw the note on the floor. She opened her door and lay down on her bed. Even though she had everything to be happy, the absence of her parents weighed heavily on her. She wiped away her tears and grabbed her phone. Someone wanted to message her on Instagram.

@ crystalmethyd :
Hi, I am the new student. You know the one you laughed at in the cafeteria. I would like to talk

Gigi rolled her eyes and erased Crystal's message. After working, Gigi went straight to bed. Sadness had cut off her appetite.

———————————> (time skip)

Crystal's POV

Arriving in front of the school, Crystal went directly to join Rock Jan and Heidi.

"- Hi Crystal ! Did you hear the big news ? Jan Asked
- No, what is happening ?
- Today we will finally know with who we will be in the host families in France. Answered Heidi
- Omg yes the France travel !"

The bell rang and all the students who were going to the trip were invited to join in the gymnasium. The principal of the school grabbed a microphone and started talking to the students.

"- Hello everyone. As you know in 1 month you will be going to France for 1 week. We are going to give you more information."

After 30 minutes of speech, the principal started to talk about interesting things.

"- We are now going to assign you the rooms, you will be in pairs"

The names went by and Crystal was starting to stress

"- Heidi n closet and Rock M. Sakura"

The two girls smiled

"- Jackie Cox and Jan Sport"

Jan turned apprehensively to Jackie but she was relieved not to fall with Gigi or Nicky. Jackie smiled at her

"- Gigi Goode and Crystal Methyd"

Crystal turned to Rock with a broken face, then she turned to Gigi. This one looked at her with angry eyes. Nicky was laughing

"- You are lucky Gigi ... you get the clown..."

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