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20 minutes later and a hall pass later Alfred was on his way back to class. He walked through the hallways with his hands at his side as he looked at the ground. His knees dragged along, arms swinging almost lifelessly as he clutched the small pink paper in his nailless fingers. Alfred had a habit if bitting them off. Be it from anxieties to simply being bored he did it. Alfred sighed,

"When will this be over..?" He asked himself as he looked down at his arms. It could be today, or tomorrow, if he really wanted. It could be right now. All he had to do was pull the trigger. One short walk to his house, one short letter, one quick movement, and it'd be over. All Alfred had to do was leave. All he had to do was move a knife, pull a trigger, kick a chair or even jump. He didn't care about himself, or how it got done. They could burn his body for all he cared when he died. It wouldn't matter because he'd be dead.

Alfred hadn't noticed, but he had begun to walk towards a school door, his hand on the handle when someone called out for him. Slowly, he looked up,

"Hey, where are you going?" A random boy with whit hair and red eyes asked. Well, not random, his name was Gilbert. Gilbert Beilschmidt. He was known for partying hard and being full of himself. He was also know as the brother of Ludwig, who was the complete opposite of him. Alfred stared at him with lifeless eyes. They were completely and utterly dead as he said,

"Home." Alfred answered in a dead tone. Gilbert felt a shudder run down his spine at Alfreds eyes and tone. He had gotten a bad feeling while skipping class when he saw him,

"Why not join my friends and I? We're working on the school newsletter." He said as Alfred looked down at his feet to ponder. Well, he guessed it wouldn't hurt to delay it for a little while. It could wait for a few hours as he nodded,

"Okay." He said and walked away from the door towards Gilbert. For some reason, Alfred felt hope in his chest.
An: heeeyy, do I have a Melanie Martinez obession? Yes. I figured rather than hitting a set amount of words I'll just update weekly with what I have. My school will be starting up in 3 weeks so idk if it'll be consistently the same or something else? But until then, bye bye!

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