Sudden Events..

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She was so happy finally! Her life is now turning normal again .She wanted her child more than she had thought of. After glancing out of the open window she smiled. And made her way towards the kitchen. She was going to cook something restaurant type meal which he liked. She seasoned the potatoes with pepper and coriander. Then went on to check on the main course which was nearly ready. Exactly after an hour she was sitting on the couch caressing her tummy while the food was laid on the table. 

The door clicked and she knew her husband was home.After adjusting her hair she turned around to welcome him. He was on phone busy shouting at someone.She realised he had a bad day today. When he looked at her she smiled the best she could.And he smiled at her. And even pecked on her cheek. But continued with the call. I should have run away when he had first hit me. Then he would not have hurt me . She thought maybe her absence changed him.

Soon after fifteen minutes, his heavy footsteps approached the dining table. He took his seat and started with the food.

"This is tasty." He said closing his eyes." I really missed my dinner . You know?" He raised his brows at her.After so many days he still kept on saying about the time when she eloped , maybe trying to remind her about the mistake she did.

"Thank you. How was work?" She ignored his last part.

" manager is quite an idiot. I am thinking of changing him. And now the burden is on me. I don't want to give him any work." He chewed his food slowly. She also served herself and realized that she had indeed made a fabulous dinner.

In the kitchen while washing the dishes, she felt his presence on the door. When she turned around he was leaning against the wall staring her. 

" You are looking cute today. What's the secret?" He teased her.

"No. Nothing. Please Arjun she blushed and continued with her work. Soon she felt him touching her waist .his hot breath on her naked neck.her skin radiated the warmth. When his wet lips contacted her skin she felt a sensation which she knew very well. He turned her around facing each other. And put a strand of hair behind her ear. As they came closed, she felt his excitement an knew what he wanted. 

"Let me complete my work" she sighed. When he pressed him more with her warm body. 

"Come .this can be done later. " he carried her to the couch. 

"Not here! Arjun!!" she laughed when he unbuttoned his shirt making a face at her.

After they were done , she dressed herself and continued with her work. Arjun was watching some show on t.v. she hummed her favorite song.And arranged the kitchen.

"Come. Let's watch this movie together. This one is good." He said while she was on her way to the bedroom. They both watched the movie but she slept in the middle leaning on his shoulder.he carried her to the bedroom and slept after few minutes.

The next morning was as usual. She prepared breakfast and lunch. And he left for his office. While alone she cleaned the kitchen and tiles. For two hours she scrubbed the bathroom until it was shining. And then drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up, she knew that she was late for dinner. Because Arjun was already home. And he was talking to one of the guards. She ran to the kitchen and searched the fridge. Arjun called her from the living room. She went to hug him.

"Actually dinner is not ready. But given me half an hour i...." he kissed her.

"That's okay. We are going out. Thank god you didn't cook , i called you so many times on the home line but you didn't answer." He replied.

"Oh.sorry." she felt guilty.

"No.just go and get ready." He smiled."and don't wear saree. you look good in casuals. " she blinked at him surprised." why don't  you wear that black sweatshirt and blue jeans which your sister gifted you on your arrival " she couldn't control her tears.

" hey! why are you crying? did i say something wrong?" he hugged her

"no. sorry. i just.." she choked on her words. but after few minutes she went to her room and got dressed. she left her hair loose and applied makeup and wore necklace. she was done. 

The restaurant was expensive . the decoration was next level. they sat on their seats and smiled at each other across the table. the waiter took their orders and left. 

"it's delicious. " she tasted her food and conpliemented.

"thank you mam" the waiter replied smiling.

When they left the place only she was the one who was talking. Arjun was too calm and didn't say much other than yes or no. On the way back , they both were silent. Because now she knew something turned his mood off. And wished it was not because of her.

Even when they reached home, he went inside fast and changed his clothes. When she came out of the bathroom he was already asleep 

Sometime during midnight , she woke up all of a sudden. A scream escaped her lips when she saw Arjun standing over her while just staring.

" what happened? Why are you standing there?" She questioned him but he just stared. She went closer and touched his face. And kisse him . Thinking he was just worrying over something but ddidn't see the slap which vibrated across the room. Her cheek throbbed. She watched him with teary eyes. 

"You enjoyed right?. " he said his voice plain and dull. That face which she hated . 

"What?" She just whispered.

"What, what?? Huh? You enjoyed entertaining the waiter. And evn that man outside the patking lot" he shouted.

"Really? He was just asking me about the service , Arjun. And the waiter was doing his work." She replied.

"Ya. I am delusional. Okay." He paced around the room" why the hell were you sleeping on the couch today? " he asked her .

" i was watching a show and slept." She replied surprised  .

"And the windows were open. The guard saw you. When i called him he was outside the window  enjoying." He gritted his teeth.

"What's my mistake in this?" She asked

"Why did you sleep there ?and don't worry about the guard he is gettinghis treatment ." He smiled." But when will you change?" He shouted . She crawled in a corner.he followed.

"Please arjun. I am sorry." She cried.

He slapped her one more time." Like see what you made me do.. everything was so good. But you.." he gave her a look of disgust and went to bed.

"Now will you please come and sleep? I am not free like you." He ordered her.

She slept on the other side crying slowly. He hit her.

He hit her when she was pregnant with his child....

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See . That's why they don't leave. The abusers are so smart and oscar nominated people that they fool the innocent person. So please never say WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE? Because it is never EASY!!


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