chapter 2

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its been a year since my parents have gone missing. yes gone missing taken from their graves by the one im supposed to be calling dad. its been a year since i met Michal and i started to know my powers better. I've turned 19 and true to what Mic told me i have been attacked followed and nearly killed myself by my dad's followers. my one true goal is to make sure that no one shall live in the dark or face a demon in their life. my goal is to make sure my stand is made clear against the one enemy to all of mankind.

" 52 demons broke out last night. wanna take care of it or should it?"

" ill take care of it. where did they show up?"

" near Hollywood. 3 in a house 25 in the cemetery and the rest in the haunted houses."

" and i asked for it. i should have remembered that. they alway go to places like these. give me the address of the house."

i should have asked it more kindly i know that but i was just tired to even bother. in this state i act somewhat like my father which makes Mic laugh alot.

" are u going to take the portal there or the motorcycle?"

" the portal is better if it takes to long to get there i might fall asleep."

and again laughing.i like that part of him. his been like that since he found out about my true intentions to fight Lucifer. he keeps on sending me vampires and demons and twice werewolves but the hard thing about all of this is the constant headache that he is causing me.

two nights ago i had a fight on the eiffle tower and then i spend a nice cuddle date with a very cute French guy that was just magical. of course little Mr Michal wouldn't allow for such behavior and took me away before i could know his name but of course that smile and those deep blue eyes are something that i will never be able to forget. oh well maybe i could open the portal once i'm done with this dilemma. there is always a dilemma sometimes its so easy to just live for the moment. but in other times its plane mean i mean i cant meet up with my boyfriend and that led to us breaking up. my friends stopped talking to me because they think that i'm on drugs or something and i want to find my parents that seem to be locked up in hell where my dear annoying father is holding them captive unless i join forces with him. so all in all full drama.

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