[Love and Tears] part 31.

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Had I seriously passed out because of that? My face grew hot immediately. And there's me thinking it was something serious and important like I died and came back to life, when in fact I've got a bit of a crumbly arm.

"Seriously?" I asked, biting my lip as embarrassment ran through me.

"Seriously. The tests couldn't show anything else," she spoke.

I looked down, ashamed. I had passed out because I couldn't handle that much pain? Or because I was in shock? What the hell!

"Oh..." I mumbled. "So when will I be able to leave this place?" I asked, realising I was in the hospital. Also, that my voice had suddenly gone back to normal.

"You should actually be discharged by the end of today . Or tomorrow. All depends on how fast we can check out your arm and how fast we can prescribe the painkillers and antibiotics,"

I thanked her before she walked out of the room. I then relaxed, before remembering there was someone sitting next to me. How they hadn't woken up during out conversation, I don't know.

I cleared my throat, hoping that might wake them up. It didn't. I then stayed silent for a while, wondering what I could do to get this person to wake up.

I could hit them, but I didn't really want to move my arm. Since my right arm got shot, and I was right-handed, I couldn't really use my other arm unless I had to because it was useless to me. It was like my back up arm, which I needed now, but didn't want to use. Basically I was stubborn.

"Eh-hem," I coughed, in an attempt to wake them up. The person had long hair, giving a hint of who it was. Also, clearly, they were a deeper, practically giving away who it was. I hoped it wasn't the person I didn't want it to be.

When there was nothing, I basically knew who it was.

"Danielle!" I called, shouting at the top of my current voice.

With a couple of vigorous movement, she finally woke up. She smiled when she saw me. I frowned. "Callie?" She whispered. What was I to respond to that? "Danielle, my best friend! I love you loads!" Because that wasn't going to happen.

"I don't want you here," I replied stubbornly. But I had a right to be this time.

"Listen Callie, please just let me explain!" She begged causing me to roll my eyes. There was nothing to be said! What could she say in a situation like this?

"Hurry up because the nearest thing I find is going to get thrown at you. Whether its a slipper or a brick," I warned.

"Got it," she replied with a small laugh even though I wasn't even joking. 

"Um well first I'm going to start by saying that I am so so so so so so so so so sorry Callie! I promise that I didn't mean to set you up! Your my best friend! Why would I do that?"

"Eh-hem, ex, Eh-hem," I mumbled faking a cough.

"Listen, when I gave you those earrings, I had forgotten nacan gave them to me. I swear it! And they looked so good on you and... Even if I did know, which I didn't, I didn't know he'd find me. I'm so so sorry Callie! I really really am! When they came I thought they'd see that it wasn't me and release you but clearly they didn't. The only reason why I didn't say it was me is because I was scared! They do bad things. Really bad things and, and I just wasn't thinking. My brain was fried and I have been waiting here to say sorry to you," she wailed with a sigh.

"You finished?" Is all I said.

"Oh well um, are we friends?"

I laughed. "Friends? Ha! I don't think you understand how much I hate you right now. You think you can give a little speech and you win over my sympathy and we'll be friends again, just like that? Ha! I'm afraid it doesn't work that way, you slimy slut," I spoke, laughing slightly.

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