[Love and Tears] part 31.

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Vision blurred, I slowly forced my eyes open. An annoying beeping filled my ears but I tried to ignore it. My main focus was to open my eyes fully.

Light flooded my blurry vision, causing me to re-shut my eyes. I mentally slapped myself as I started to open my eyes once again. Light couldn't kill me. Or my eyes.

I looked up to an unusually white ceiling. My focus remained on the ceiling for a while so I could adjust my eyes to the light. I then explored the room. With my eyes of course.

There were two windows, one that led to outside and one that led to in. There was a heart-rate moniter, too. I frowned. This wasn't home. Where was I then?

I gulped, wondering if I was with nacan. I couldn't remember anything from the part where it went black. But that's it.

I toured the room once again only to find a person on their chair dead asleep. I tried to move my arm up to tap them, but as soon as I moved it pain shot through it. I let out a small groan before deciding to leave it in the original place my arm was without further movement.

"I," I tried speaking, but my voice came out breathy and crackly. I hardly had a voice. After many failed attempts, I finally managed to spit out a crackly whisper. "Where am I?"

A door opened and a woman dressed in all blue with a blue apron-sort-of-thing entered the room holding a clipboard. She smiled as she saw me. "Ah, good to see you awake Ms. Woods," the woman spoke, which startled me slightly. Who was she anyway?

"I," I started, but decided giving up on trying to talk was best.

"Do you remember anything that happened?"

I shook my head vigorously, not even bothering to attempt at speaking.

"Nothing at all?"

I shook my head, thinking it was best for her not to know about the little I did know.

"Right, let me just check..." Her voice trailed off as she flipped through pages on her clipboard. "Ah." She said, while I guessed she was reading my file. "You got shot," she said easily.

Then it all came back to me. Someone had shot me! But I didn't know who it was since we were in the dark, but I could take a guess. The bald one I had kicked in the balls.

Then memories of the whole situation rushed back to me, the hate and anger inside of me towards Danielle growing. My so called 'best friend.' Ha. I think not.

"I-i got s-shot?" I questioned. I was honestly unsuprised so why I was stuttering, I don't know. To my amaze, my voice actually came out louder than a whisper.

"Nothing major, don't worry. You got shot on your arm, so its not as bad as it may seem. The bullet mainly caught the skin and it got some of the bone, causing the bottom bit of the bone to crumble slightly, but that'll heal up in a week or so. Give or take. Also, you had to get stitched as the bullet left a small hole in your arm, which is probably causing you about sixty per cent of your pain. For the crumbled bone, however, you're upper arm will be put into a cast for about a week. The stitched should heal up the hole. It'll leave a scar, however. There is also some bruising and cuts around it where the pressure was applied but they'll be gone by the time your bandage is removed," she blabbed on. So basically what she was trying to say is that it was nothing major, my bone has crumbled only slightly in my upper arm, there's bruises and cuts but they're nothing to worry about, there's stitches in my arm trying to repair the hole and lastly all of this should only last a week.

But then something hit me. If it was nothing big, then why did I pass out? "Um. Okay... So, uh, why did I pass out?" I questioned.

She looked on her clipboard once more before replying, "we aren't actually sure... Its probably because either you have a very low pain threshold or because of the shook," she replied, shrugging. "It could simply be because you were dehydrated and your body couldn't handle the bullet."

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