Chapter 149

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Oh the look on Josh's face after Evelyn said that. It was priceless. Evelyn wished she had a camera with her, or something capable of catching that moment and freeze it forever. It took every ounce of will power in her body to keep herself to bursting into a riot of laughter.

A dash of redness crept up onto Josh's cheeks. The poor guy was blushing. He was obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

"Um..." he hummed. "Do you think you can hold it until Ed's back with the car? The drive back to the house won't be long."

"No." Evelyn replied bluntly. "I have to go, now." She deliberately made herself sound like a demanding brat, she needed Josh to be intimidated.

"Um..." he hummed again. His eyes wildly looked around him, searching for a place for Evelyn to relieve herself in private.

The look of pure distress on his face was almost cute, in a childlike way.

Evelyn resisted the urge to smile. She felt bad, she really did. She knew what she was about to do could potentially get Ed and Josh into a colossal load of trouble. But if would be quick, she'll make it quick and she'll be careful. Hopefully Josh and Ed will be too scared to go report it to the higher ranked guards immediately, and that'll give her, and them, time before chaos ascends. She would be careful, she promised herself, and if worst comes, she will explain to Zayn how she manipulated them and nothing was their fault.

Luckily for Evelyn, it seemed anxiety had clouded Josh's memories and judgements. "How about there?" he pointed to the dense forest to their left. It was the same forest he had pointed to, when he unintentionally let the location of an entrance to the dungeon slip. Whether he had forgotten, or just simply believed she hear him, Evelyn didn't know. "I mean... it's the closest thing to a secluded toilet that's also accessible."

She was surprised and ecstatic Josh suggested it, and had thought Josh would be too cautious. She was prepared to move mountains with her words, pull out all of her bratty demeanour, and be the biggest bîtch in the world until he agrees to let her to potty there. Now, as it turned out, she didn't have to.

"God you expect me to do my business there? What do you take me for? An animal?" She rolled her eyes. She didn't want to seem too eager and arise suspicion.

Unexpectedly, Josh clenched his jaw and shot Evelyn a deadly glare. "Either you relief yourself there, or you wait until we get back to the manor." His voice wasn't harsh or aggressive, but it wasn't jolly either. Evelyn was really pushing his buttons and he was beginning to get fed up of her fake attitude.

"Fine," she grumbled, playing her part well. Josh smiled triumphantly, happy he had won the upper hand. Thank you.

Crossing the short amount of distance between herself and the forest would be easy, if Evelyn wasn't faking a twisted ankle.

She limped and hopped unnaturally. It wasn't the effort of it all that bothered Evelyn. No, it was how time consuming it was. She had to make her limp look convincing. If she moved too fast, Josh could get sceptical. Time wasn't something Evelyn had in bucket loads right now. She had to get to the trees before Ed comes back in the car. She had to find the entrance before Josh realise what Evelyn was doing. She was trying to escape from two-she assumed-very old vampires, capable of running a hundred times faster than Evelyn ever could.

The odds wasn't on her side, but Evelyn was willing to take the plunge into the unknown and give it a shot.

"Stay here," she ordered when the fringe of the trees was no more than a hundred yard from where she was. "Stay here and turn around. I want privacy. If I catch you peaking, I'll have you castrated."

Josh did as Evelyn commanded while she continued to hop. "Believe me sweetheart, I have no intention of peaking." He grimaced. "No idea what Zayn sees in somebody as plain as you," he muttered quietly.

Evelyn didn't hear him.

Even if she had, she couldn't have cared. "If you smell something revolting, don't worry it'll be me. I don't think the bacon I had earlier this morning agrees with my stomach. Please endure while I clean my bowels." It was an inappropriate, and kind of embarrassing, thing to be revealed so casually. Evelyn would have been humiliated with herself, if her dignity weighed more than the stakes of her plan.

She couldn't afford failing. This was only her chance. If telling a slightly gross lie could buy her a little more time searching for the entrance without flagging Josh's speculations, then it's a lie worth telling.

After a quick glance over her shoulders, to check Josh still had his back to her, Evelyn increased the speed of her hops. She couldn't risk running or walking on two feet just yet, he could still turn around. It wasn't until she was hidden within the mass of trees did she decide to take that chance.

She spared another momentary glance and saw how Josh was true to his words, and have his back to her. He seemed unsuspicious of her devious activity.

Evelyn grinned like a cheshire cat. Her feet moved quickly, and her eyes were rapaciously devouring every inch of the forest, looking for the entrance. It could be anything, and she didn't have much time.

Her eyes were bolting from one side to another wildly. She carried on speed walking.

Where are you? She thought. Her hands were shaking from fear and anticipation. She was so scared.

If Evelyn had more time, she would have thought her plans through, but she didn't.

Where are you? Evelyn thought, frustratedly. Tears burnt the back of her eyes and she was getting more and more infuriated by the second. Her breathing was fast and her heart was beating faster. Come on!

Evelyn wanted to scream.

She was venturing deeper and deeper into the group of trees, looking for a sign, a clue, something that could serve as an entrance to the dungeon. She knew the dungeon was underground, so she was looking for anything that may lead underground. But there were so many trees, and the ground was covered in dead leaves. No sign of a door or any of that sort of things were in sight.

Evelyn was panting, surveilling her surroundings like a frightened, wild animal when she felt a pair of strong hands wrapping around her upper forearms.

The act was rough.

The touch came suddenly and unexpectedly, and Evelyn's brain and little time to react. Her body gave into her primal instinct and did the first thing anybody would do when in danger; she screamed.


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