Chapter 150: You are going to do what?

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She was venturing deeper and deeper into the group of trees, looking for a sign, a clue, something that could serve as an entrance to the dungeon. She knew the dungeon was underground, so she was looking for anything that may lead underground. But there were so many trees, and the ground was covered in dead leaves. No sign of a door or any of that sort of things were in sight. 

Evelyn was panting, surveilling her surroundings like a frightened, wild animal when she felt a pair of hands wrapping around her upper forearms.

The touch came suddenly and unexpectedly, and Evelyn’s brain and little time to react. Her body gave into her primal instinct and did the first thing anybody would do when in danger; she screamed. 


A hand latched over Evelyn’s mouth roughly. Whoever this person is, he either had no clue who he was touching, or didn’t care. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Her attacker hissed angrily into her ear.

Evelyn recognised the voice. In a moment of quick wit, Evelyn elbowed the guy right in the ribcage and pushed him. 

Her acts of struggle didn’t bother her attacker, but he let her go anyway. He had no intention to hurt her.

Evelyn hastily took a few steps to put some distance between herself and the tall man. “What am I doing here?” she hissed. “What are you doing here?”

She turned around and saw Jonah smirking. “Zaynie’s princess is doing something she shouldn’t be doing, isn’t she?


“You heard me,” Jonah replied arrogantly. “What are you doing here, princess? Does your King know you’re here?” He sighed dramatically. “Good thing I’m not Ethan or Harry, because if Zayn found out you were alone, in the woods, with Harry or Ethan, they’ll be stone cold, dead, before you have the chance to beg for their lives.”

“You disgust me.”

“Thank you, I am honoured.”

“Miss Blackburn!” Evelyn heard Josh’s voice calling. In the blink of an eye, the guard had found her, and thrown himself in between her and Jonah. “I heard screaming!”

A gun was drawn from his jacket. 

Josh looked serious, and was ready to fight… Until he realised that the tall shadowy guy standing across from him wasn’t an enemy, it was Jonah Malik. Josh bowed immediately and hurriedly stuffed his gun back in his jacket.

“M-my Lord, I apologise. I-I thought you were somebody dangerous.”

Jonah’s eyes narrowed. They darted from Evelyn to Josh vehemently. His expression revealed nothing of his thoughts. 

Everything was quiet for a second or two. Then, suddenly, Jonah’s brutish roar was echoing off barks of trees and breaking through canopies of leaves. Evelyn heard the flapping wings of birds and the rushed footsteps of frightened animals as they bolted from the cluster of trees. 

“You fucking whôre!” Jonah’s eyes burnt with rage, and he snarled like a ferocious beast. His hands was extended at his side, clenching into fists. He looked like a man ready to fight. Bloodlust shone through his predatory posture. 

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