I'll Talk ~No Entry

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"Hey Jas"

"Wassup Mrs. Robb" I waved and continued walking. It is a beautiful day, and I have a plan to get Loren to talk to me or at least get to know me. Right now I'm on my way to her house. After dinner yesterday Elena assured me that I could come back when ever, and I am taking it to my advantage.

I knocked on the front door and waited for an answer. Few moments later Elana came to the door.

"Hello Jas" she said smiling.

"Hi" I returned the smile as she let me in.

"What's the reason for your visit?" She asked.

"I just wanted to see if Loren wanted to come for a walk with me. You know get her out the house "I said. She nodded.

"She is in her room" she said. Before she walked away I stopped her.

"Um. I kind of promised Loura I would Bring Oreo, my dog to play with her today, just wanted to know if it was cool with you" I said, she smiled.

"Of course, I really appreciate you Jas, it's hard for the girls with the move and everything, and they don't have any friends down here. And school hasn't started yet, so they are quite bored" she said. I nodded.

"I understand, I'll try my best to change that, and show them that they can have a lot of fun down here" she smiled.

"Thanks. Tell your mom I said hey" she said.

"She will be by later" I assured.

"Great" she said before leaving the room, I jugged upstairs and knocked on Loren's door, this time she came and answered it.

"Hey" I said smiling, she rolled her eyes and strarted to close the door. I used my foot to stop her.

"Chill out Lil mama" I said, she groaned and moved from the door. I walked in. She sat on the bed and looked at the TV that was on Disney channel.

"You like Disney?" I raised an eyebrow. She looked at me then back at the TV.

"Anyways, I just wanted to know if you wanted to go for a walk. We could talk" I said, she looked at the TV, not interested in my offer.

"I wanted to show you something, it's more of a place than a thing. It's where I go to think" I said, she looked at me from the corner of her eye. She then got up off the bed and walked through a door. I sighed and sat on her bed waiting for her to come back.

She came back with a pair of white Reeboks. She said on the edge of her bed and put them on.

"I guess that's a yes" she looked at me and then continued putting in her shoes. Moments later we left out her room and walked down stairs.

"Okay Ms. Elana, we are leaving" I said.

"Alright Hun" I heard her yell from somewhere in the house.

Loren opened her front door and walked out, I followed behind her. She stopped at the sidewalk and waited for me.

"You ready" I asked. She said nothing. I started walking and she walked next to me.

"I'm surprised you came along" I said. I felt like I was talking to a brick wall, she wouldn't even hum or sigh to let me know she was listening. She was just completely silent.

"Well since you don't wanna talk. I will. But first look" I said pointing ahead of us. At the lake. I looked at Loren and for the first time her facial expression changed. She looked at the lake in Awe. I couldn't blame her. The view was beautiful. The waters were a Crystal blue, because nothing lives in it, trust me I looked. Big oak trees were sprinkled around the lake and a bench sat at each end. Swans and ducks played in the pound at times. Today there were only ducks.

I led Loren to the oak tree I always sat under when I come out here to think. She was looking out at the water.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" I asked. She took a moment before she nodded. I smiled. Damn a response. Finally! We spent a few moments admiring the scenery, then Loren looked at me, staring.

"What?" I asked. She raised an eyebrow.

"Oh you're waiting on me to talk?" She rolled her eyes.

"Well. You know my name already. And if you don't remember its Jasmine. You can call me Jas though, whenever you feel like talking. I'm 17 going on 18 in a couple weeks, my birthday is August 12th. IMA Leo. My favorite color is Red. Um I play basketball, shooting guard. And I find females very much so attractive." Loren looked at me, then back at the water, she had this invisible smile on her face. I continued talking.

"I'm an only child, it's been me and my mom for as long as I can remember, I don't know my father. I heard he left my mom when I was a couple months old. That's some pussy shit ainna" I said. She nodded. And waited for me to keep talking.

"I'm not so popular at school, I mean I could be if I wanted to, if I tried. But I don't. I like stay to myself. I have one best friend. Asia. She left yesterday to go to Georgia for the summer. I miss her. "I felt like I was talking too much, but Loren didn't complain, she just listened. I guess it's nice to have just listen. But this one sided conversation is not healthy.

"I can't say I'm unhappy, or wanting for something. I always got what I wanted, my mom made it so I never had to want for anything. I loved her for that. I don't know what suffering feels like, and sometimes I feel a wave of guilt because of that. The only suffering I ever been through is not having a father" I was talking like Loren was my dairy.

"I'm sorry if I'm venting to you. You just won't talk. But I'm glad you listen" she looked at me and slightly smiled. That melted my heart. I got a freaking smile! Well barely. PROGRESS!! She stood up. I looked at her funny, she then helped me up.

I guess this meant she was ready to go.

"You ready?" I asked. She nodded. We walked back to her house, in silence. I wonder what she is thinking. We got to her house and she opened her front door.

"Um I'm going to go get my dog. I'll be back" she shrugged and walked into her house, closing the door behind her. I sighed and walked away.



I closed the door and ran upstairs to my room trying to avoid my mom. I went to my room and laid on the bed. Jasmine is so. I don't know, she just won't give up. I'm starting to like the attention she is giving me. But I feel bad that she doesn't know her father. I knew mines. He was my best friend, until him past when I was 6 and then Dwayne came into the picture. Not every father is a good one. Not every Father figure is a great one. But every Dwayne there is out there need to drink bleach and die. I have the deepest hate for that man. He is the reason I am the way I am right now. Suddenly I felt tears streaming down my face as I thought about all that I have been through. All that Dwayne put me though.

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