Chapter 9

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This is how everyone slept, but with sleeping bags instead of beds. If you are on PC it's below and if you aren't it's there ^^^^^

Even though Honey and Takashi had a giant house, we all decided to stay in one room. the living room was big, and Haruhi looked surprised at the size.
After we had all put our stuff down we decided to get ready for bed. there were 3 bathrooms, and two sinks in two and 1 sink in the last.
So Takashi and I stayed in the living room while everyone else brushed their teeth and changed.
I was on his lap, and he was sitting criss-cross on the floor.
"Ollie are you okay?"
"yes. I'm fine."
"Actually no you're not. I know that."
"I know. I'm sorry. I just didn't want him to get hurt. I don't know what I would do with myself of he was injured."
"I know exactly how you feel. I don't want you hurt. or in America."
I blushed and responded, "Well, at some point either I'm going to have to go back, or someone is going to have to get rid of Grandma. and I doubt the latter is going to happen." I poured a little. I didn't want to go back.
And then he kissed me. naturally, I kissed him back. who wouldn't? He's freaking sexy. (go away author-chan!) ((fine😞))
When we broke apart we went to the bathroom to brush our teeth.

"Haruhi, do you like Tamaki?" She was playing with my hair and we were talking.
"Yes I do. He's a great friend, although he's a little over protective."
"That's not what I meant and you know it!!" I turned around so I was facing her and smiled.
"Haru-chaaaaaann!!!! Tell me!!!" I put on my most innocent face and smiled.
"Fine. yes Ollie. I do. But don't tell!!"
"I won't! I promise. unless he tells me that he likes you too. then I'll tell you and him and you can ride off into the sunset and get married!!" Haruhi blushed and tried to change the subject.
"Hey Ollie! Haruhi! Come over and hang out with us!" We walked over to those shady twins who talked in almost perfect unison.
Suddenly I was getting a phone call. i gasped, "Its Nikki!!" I answered the phone.
"Hello? Ollie? Are you there? Are you with the Host Club?!"
"Hiiiii Nikki!! And yeah the Host Club is here." I put her on speaker.
"Say hi to Nikki guys!"
"Hello Nikki!!!"
"OMG so your the famous Host Club that I've heard so much about. Hold on I'll grab (y/n)!
"REALLY?! YAYYYYY!!!" They were screaming and causing a ruckus.
The rest of the Club came over to sit and talk to my friends. I hope they don't say anything too embarras-
"Sooooo Ollie we miss you!!! There's this new boy here who is FREAKING HAWT!! He TOTALLY has a thing for Nikki." Dont all the boys have a thing for Nikki and (y/n)?
"Oh! Ollie who is everyone! Introduce yourselves!" Nikki prompted.
"I'm hikaru! And my twin brother Kaoru!"
"So your the shady twins. Got it!" (Y/n) commented.
"I'm honey!!"
"The really cute one." Nikki said.
"Tamaki here!"
"Tamakiiii!!!!!! Omg how are you? We haven't talked in foreva bro." (Y/n) and Tamaki were good friends.
"I'm Haruhi!"
"Oooh! Haruhi is the girl that everyone thinks is a boy. I'm sorry Haruhi!! The struggle is real Bruh." Haruhi smiled.
"Kyouya Ootori. nice to meet you. we have heard much about you."
"Your the Kuudere!" Everyone seemed confused at the otaku talk.
"wheres the last one?? Is he not there? OLLLIIIEEE!!! Where's your boyfriend?!" I knew it. I knew they would say something embarrassing.
"I'm here."
"Ooh silent but sexy type eh? Ollie won't shut up about you I swear it's nuts. like take a chill pill gurl."
Now it was Takashi's turn to blush, and everyone else laughed.
I couldn't be more mortified. My friends usually weren't this bad!!
"Okay so you know like, everything about us, but we have limited information on you." Hika-chan you nasty little twerp.
"Ollie has pictures in her phone!" Tamato exclaimed rather excitedly.
"Wow Olive you still have those pictures?! I mean I hoard things but girl those are from like 4 years ago." (y/n) was so sassy when she wanted to be.
"whatever!i just really wuv chu guys I don't know what I would do wif out chu." I said in my most childish baby voice.
I scrolled through my camera roll, trying to find the most recent picture I had of them.
"Shoot! Ms.Hannagan is drunk again! Goodnight Ollie and Friends! I hope we meet you soon!!"
And they hung up.

Soon later everyone was tired. it was at least 11:30pm and we had school tomorrow. i had fun tonight. I hope everyone else did too.

Haruhi pov
Ollie and Mori Senpai are really cute together! She's so sweet and kind, I want to protect her from everything! But I know I can't. Tamaki told us to never get in her way when she is trying to help someone. Because "the outcome will most definitely be death. And not yours". I don't know what that means. did Ollie try to kill herself when she couldn't save someone? I hope not. she seems so innocent. I really really hope they stay safe from their grandmother too. she sounds horrible.
Oh well. tonight was fun. I hope we can do it again sometime.

AN: im so so sorry it took so long to update!! I've been really struggling with life lately and I'm just trying to live, let alone finish fanfiction. I might be a little slow lately sorry babes!

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