Chapter 1

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Sofia's POV

This was it. I sighed as I stared up at the building, contemplating if it was too late to turn back now.

"No turning back, now move!" Shawn said as he dragged me up the front stairs. "Do you read minds or something?" "Nope you just have this disgusted face on when you don't like something" he said as he shrugged.

Shawn had always been a good friend of mine, we were very close since sophomore year but I wouldn't consider him a best friend just someone I trusted greatly. He knew that, we had a mutual understanding that he wouldn't pressure me into sharing things with him until I was ready.

"Huh? I imagined this day to be much more exciting, but what did I expect this is high school. Is it too late to turn back?"

"Really Lissette!? You too? This is our senior year, so NO we cannot turn back now. Now let's get to class and amp up the enthusiasm!"

"How is he this happy in the mornings?" Lissette whispered to me. "No idea I say we ditch him when he's not looking." "Good, should we knock him out like last time and take him with us instead?"

"You two said I had fainted!!" "OOPS" I said as lissette and I started laughing.

I had met lissette around the same time Shawn and I started hanging out so one day I just decided to invite her to come eat lunch with us, and here we are 3 years later. I'm not as close to lissette as I am with Shawn but we're still really good friends, personally I think it's because I just connected more with Shawn in the beginning. She's more of the quiet but friendly type of people and I guess that's what made us such good friends. I wouldn't say I'm rude but I don't have a friendly, approachable type of face. Shawn and lissette in this weird to explain type of way make up for the qualities I lack, we complete each other.

I smiled as I looked over at them, thinking about how when we graduate that'll be the end of us too.

"We'll always have each other," Shawn said.

"Always." Lissette agreed

This was our thing. We would affirm each other that we would stay close even after graduating, but this time I couldn't help but feel different.

"Sof?" He asked.

"Always." I said.

"Alright I'm ready for class, this is too sappy for me now." I joked.

"Who do you guys have first?" Lis asked

"Geology" Shawn answered

"Newscast" I said as I started walking away before they could ask too many questions.

"Wait! You always talked trash about the school news and now you're going to be on it??" "Yup" as I walked faster to get away, "I'll tell you guys more later, bye"

Was the school news trash? Yes. Were people poked fun at for being on it? Of course. Was that going to stop me? Not in the slightest. I came to realize that it's actually quite fun and the reason some of it is basura (thanks duolingo for the classes) or trash is because of the people on it. So I have decided to join in order to make some changes and become the new face of our basura news station.

I made my way inside the class and sat in the back in order to get a feel of what the other students are like.

"Okay! Students please take a seat, so I can get started on attendance" the bell rang cutting her off, "My name is Ms. Cruz and this is video production. I hope for a great year and for us to create an amazing newscast. Now, how about some introductions so we get to know each other?"

The introductions went on for about an hour and by then class was almost over. I could already guess how the rest of the day would go by, teachers introduce themselves and then we introduce ourselves. It was always the same routine.

The bell rang cutting my thoughts off. As I walked towards my next class I couldn't help but wonder what my senior year would mean to me by the time I graduated.

Author's note: I decided to rewrite chapter 1 because the first draft wasn't where I envisioned this book going. This took me a while to decide but in the end I'm much happier with this rewritten version. Thank you for reading. -HIEDI

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