Lindsey Pov
I woke up with a start to my alarm blasting colony 6 song. I groaned and slowly got out of bed, which ended up falling on the floor. ^~^. I grabbed the school uniform which was a white blouse with a black vest along with a black skirt and shoes, and headed to the bathroom. I turned the water on to medium hot and got in. I stood there trying to wake up hoping I could last the day using sign Language. Dad had wrote a note and told me to show it to teachers, explaining everything. I got out of the shower and got dressed. I combed my hair and put it up in a medium high ponytail, with a flower clip on the side of my head.

"Jon are you ready to go or not?" I questioned Jon outside of Dads room since I knew he was sleeping in there to help Emile if he got sick in bed (-~- ew).
"Yeah we can go whenever before 8. since that's the time school starts" I heard him say through the door. I said an alright and went to go grab my phone from the charger, dad had gotten it for me on Sunday so I could text them if anythings happens.

*after the car ride to school*
I pulled my hood up and walked into the school to get my schedule.
"Hi there you must be Lindsey, your dad called ahead of time to tell me why you won't be speaking. Now here's your schedule, your first classroom is down that hall and the first door on the left. Have a good day and come talk to me if your confused," the lady at the front area told me, her name tag said Lily on it. I nodded and walked the way she pointed at. I opened the door slowly and saw the class full of students already, I gulped and walked up to the teacher and pulled off my hood.
"Oh you must be Lindsey I'm Mr. Riki (xD) and I'm your homeroom teacher. Alright class settle down." Mr. Riki told the class, he had orange hair that stuck up everywhere and a ruler with something on the end of it, looked like a biter to me.
"Lindsey can you please introduce yourself?" Mr. Riki asked. I shook my head and took out the note my dad wrote, explaining everything.
He just nodded and introduced me to everyone.
" Does anyone have any questions?" He asked after the intro. Almost all the kids raised their hands and I knew this was going to be a long hour.
Sir (I'm feeling lazy now) called on a boy with brown hair and green eyes.
"My names Cole.Why didn't you come at the the beginning of the year?" He asked.
I quickly wrote an answer on a notepad and showed it to sir.
"I didn't come because I was being home schooled but then I got placed here since I was stuck being home schooled with 2nd graders only learning from books." Sir read off the paper. Cole nodded and sat down. next a girl with blond hair and blue eyes stood up, she seemed like a popular girl who gets away with crap.
"My name is Amy Elizabeth Kimberly the second." she told me with a snobby tune.
"Like why don't you talk? Are you scared or something?" She asked a glare in her eyes. I felt myself pale and stepped back a bit.
"Now Amy sit back down and don't say another word to her till the end of class, If she doesn't want to talk she is fine with me." Sir told her giving her a stern look, she just huffed and sat back down.
"I won't be talking to her anytime soon you can bet on that!" I showed sir what I wrote and her just laughed, giving me a friendly smile.
"Now Lindsey why don't you sit by Cole since he asked a Nice question." Sir told me emphasizing the Word nice.

*lunch time *

I walked into the cafeteria and i could feel myself pale. So many people in one room! I felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned and saw Cole. 

"Hey wanna sit with us?" He signed to me. Wait He SIGNED to me.

"You know sign Language?" I asked Confusion showing on my face.

"Yeah i have a deaf Brother at home so i had to learn to talk to him, Now come on before more people show up." He signed to me leading me to his table.

"Hey guys this is the new student Lindsey! Lindsey this is everyone."

"The girl with the red hair is Hailey" Cole signed to me.

"The two boys, their twins. The one on the left it Adam, the one on the right is Casper"

"The Last girl who has White hair and Green eyes is Snow, She almost completely changes when it comes to winter so be aware"

I Wave to them all and took out my lunch, A Tuna sandwich with a green apple a pudding cup and apple juice. YUMMY (I'm being dead serious)

The bitch aka Amy came over and glared at me. 

"Hey Cole wanna hang out sometime?" She asked him pushing her breast up to show them off. **Cough Slut Cough**

"Nope i don't date sluts like you so Peace out! Cole told her taking a bite out of his Sandwich. She huffed and sashayed (How the hell do you spell that??) away to her group of sluts.

As soon as she left we all broke down laughing, Ive neverlaughed this hard except for friday when The two at home had a tickle session.

"Welp see you guys next period i got to go. Bye" I signed to Cole who told them what i was saying. they all waved bye and i walked away to my locker.


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