Chapter 27: Clove

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I walk with Cressida as Cato struggles to get to me. I start to feel nervous.

Why would he be freaking out so much? Are they going to hurt me? I ask myself. I start to get a weird feeling and cover my chest instinctively. Cressida and her team, she didn't tell me their names, lead me down a trail in the woods. I look around and it seems peaceful. Then again both of the arena's were peaceful but they lead to a world of suffering for me and later on my family.

"Clove we need to ask you one more thing" one of the men says as we all stop in a more open part of the woods. 

I look up to him, scared. Why does every one have to be taller than me? I frown and he smiles.

"We need you to explain Patrons and what you did for them" another of the men adds calmly.

"I didn't do anything!" I yell angrily "Snow made me, he threatened to kill my family" they all look shocked and I shrug.

"That's it" Cressida yells happily. I look at her, obviously confused, and she smiles "That's the attitude that will take down the Capitol" I blush and look down.

"Is it okay with you if we film you" the tanner man asks "it will add some spunk" he says smiling. I nod and they position me in the sun so the light is 'perfect'.

"Okay what was this thing you did while you were trapped in the Capitol" Cressida asks carefully. I smile bitterly.

"Well I was captured after my second Games. I was brought to the Capitol with Cato, Cashmere, Peeta and Johanna" I say her name while trying to hide my annoyance "I was forced to do horrible things, to my Patrons" I stop and think sadly.

"What kinds of things? Forced by who?" Cressida asks intently. She smiles gesturing for me to go on.

"I was basically a sex slave" I say choking on my words. I feel tears well in my eyes and I breathe them away "I could ask to go gentle but they wouldn't listen. I want revenge, they didn't care." I say bitterly "Snow was the main person who forced me to do these things. Sometimes he would be there, other times he would control me from away" I say shuttering.

"Could you just not do anything?" Cressida asked quietly and I laugh bitterly.

"They could drown us" I say thinking of Johanna "They could burn you" I say lifting my shirt half way showing my burn line. I make sure to not show my body just my burns. "Sometimes they would cut up people in front of us" I say shuttering, what Peeta said still haunts me. "They cut me, not deadly just painfully" I say showing my cuts and the cut that was actually caused by Jaq, but it will help the cause.

"Did anyone else partake in this cruel act" the paler man asks, still very carefully. I know he's trying to keep the interview going but it sounds weird. I shrug it off and look into the camera.

"The worst part wasn't the physical stuff" I say bitterly looking right into the camera lens "It was the mental abuse. Knowing your friend has to do the same stuff you are, but she's been doing it longer" I stop and take a shaky breath "Cashmere was broken by all of this. I just want you, Snow, to know the mutts are coming" I say angrily. Cressida puts down the camera and hugs me tightly. I hug her awkwardly and she laughs.

"Come on you should go see Cato" she says smiling "he's freaking out without you by his side" I smile and feel my cheeks get hot. 

"Not being rude or anything" I start awkwardly as we step into the elevator "But who are you 3?" they all laugh me, except the fuzzy faced man and I frown.

"I'm Massala" the tanner and taller man says "I'm Castor and that's Pollux" the shorter one says. The palest one of all, Pollux just waves. I smile and he tries to. He opens his mouth half way and immediately closes it in pain. I frown at him and he starts just looks happy, I guess.

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