Chapter 10

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I stared at that small piece of paper in my hands for a while rereading it several times.
"I-I-I- I'm" i was going to ask him if he was okay but obviously he was not. I was going to say how incredibly sorry I was but that won't help would it? "What are you feeling?" I whispered.
"I don't know if I'm angry or sad or-" he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply a few times "I know what I'm feeling, I feel pity. Why don't they just kill him it's better than sucking out his soul" he ran a shaking hand through his hair again. "I don't know whether to feel sad or angry. I mean he was and still is the worst person in the world to me and he was never a father I'm so confused. . .help me please" he said rocking back and forth with tears now falling off his cheeks. I thought for a while what could I possibly do to help him. All I knew was I had to, Draco never asked for help and if he did that means it's pretty serious.
"I know exactly what you need" I said hoping my plan would work. "Come on then" I said holding both his hands in mine and pulling him up to his feet. He stood up and I lead him to the door. I opened it and turned to him.
"Okay close your eyes" I said
"No I-" he started
"If your eyes are open you'll figure it out before we even get to it. So close your eyes and I'll lead you to it, relax I won't let you bash into anything" I said knowing that I was repeating what he had said to me once. His face broke into a small smile, maybe he figured out where we were going too.
"Fine but if I die it's your fault" he said smiling bigger. He closed his eyes and held out his hand, I took it and started to walking to what I hoped would make him feel better.

"You can open your eyes now" I said. I had taken him to his favorite place, the Astronomy Tower. He turned his back to me to look over the tower and I quickly got out my earphones and iPod. I held them up and when he turned around his expression was curious.
"What's that?" He asked pointing at it
"Well in the muggle world we sometimes listen to music through this thing and since this is your favorite thing to do and one of my favorite things to do is listen to music I figured why not combine them" I sat down on the floor and patted my hand on the side of me so he came and sat down next to me.
"So how does this work?" He said. I switched it on and put on my favorite selection of songs. I stuck one earphone in my ear and the other in Draco's ear. We lay down shoulder to shoulder, staring at the stars above.

"Ever since I could remember everything inside of me
Just wanted to fit in oh oh oh
I was never one for pretenders
Everything I tried to be
Just wouldn't settle in oh oh oh

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me
And if I seemed dangerous would you be scared
Cause I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
That this problem lies in me

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me
A monster a monster
I've turned into a monster
A monster a monster
And it keeps getting stronger"
This song is so good please listen to it. It's monster by imagine dragons :)

The voice sang through the earphones. Slowly I turned my head to the side to look at Draco. I turned to see a silent tear run down his cheek.
"What's wrong? There's something else bothering you, isn't there?" I asked and he turned his head to look at me straight in the eye.
"It's just-" he stopped and looked like the words were forming in his head but weren't making their way out of his mouth. "Even though I was a complete jerk to everyone, even though I was mean to everyone and even though I was a death eater, you stuck by me. When everyone told you what I was, you didn't turn away from me. You helped me and for that Samantha I can't thank you enough for" he said and tears rolled out of his eyes causing tears to flood out of mine.
"You don't have to thank me-" I started.
"No I do. You even managed to make me feel better at a time I thought that I would never get out of. Let's face it Mantha not even my family can make me feel happy, but you do" he said, softly brushing his fingers against my cheek, wiping my tears off. Once again I was completely lost for words. I had nothing to say and yet many things formed in my head.
"That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I'm glad that you feel a bit better. But you do know you have to make the decision of whether you are going to go to see your father" I said still looking at him in the eye.
"Yeah, I know. I think I'm going to see him, but just for a short while, just to tell him what I've wanted to tell him my whole life" he said with absolutely no emotion on his face.

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