leah's imprinting

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Leah's PROV

I woke up and found Jake still asleep. I stood up in my wolf form and stretched, and then I realized I was happy!! Wait what I never felt like this, it was beyond weird. I nudged Jake awake

"Morning Leah" she looked at me and smiled "Morning Jake slept well?" He shook his head. "Nightmare again?" He just nodded. "Oh Jake, it gonna be okay, hey I just had a idea! Let's go to the park and hang out?" He looked at me

"You sure?" I nodded jumping up.

Jacobs PROV

I woke up with Leah nudging me awake. We are of to the park, and it weird she seems so hyped today, I wonder why. While we were walking I asked her "Leah you okay?" She looked at me weirdly "Yeah I am why?" I look down "You seemed hyped today" she smiles and just shrug and kept her eyes on the ground. Well that was weird. We reached the park bench and sat down. We didn't talk and sometimes it makes me glad that I'm with Leah, cause she doesn't need to speak to know I want to think. Suddenly I hear my name being called, I turn around and saw Riaan coming over. "Yo Jake, jeez man I saw you ages ago," glances at Leah, who looks at the ground. He laughs and asks "Is this your girlfriend Jacob?" I punch him on his shoulder. "No you idiot, its my best friend Leah, Leah this is Riaan, my friend" I look at her and she looks up into Riaans eyes and stares. Oh man did she just imprint, woa!

Leah's PROV

I hear jake introduce me to Riaan. I look up into his eyes and everything changes, yet everything's the same only I feel its not the earth holding me here, its him, Riaan my imprint. Woa!! I just imprinted?? Now way, but I could feel the pull I have towards him. He looks strait at me and I couldn't look away he has the most amazing sea green eyes and short black hair he smiles at me and I swear my heart stopped beating. Only one thought ran through my mind, he is GORGUESS!!

"Leah, do you believe in love at first sight because I do" wait WHAT?? I couldn't believe it! "Uhh .. Y. y. yeah I do, why?" I look down blushing. "Because I think I love you" I look at him with my mouth hanging open like a idiot that I am.

Riaan's PROV

I look in the eyes of the most beautifully girl on the planet, then I asked her "Leah, do you believe in love at first sight" she blushed and my heart skipped a beat. "Y. Y. Yeah I do why?" She is so incredibly SEXY when she blushesm. "Because I think I love you" Jake begins to laugh and Leah gives him a smack on the head "What are you laughing at you idiot?" He looks from me to her and just shakes his head and says "Leah I'm gonna head back, you coming? She nodds and stood up. I caught her arm "Leah what's your number?" She takes the pen Jake holds out and writes her number on my arm, I could feel her hands shake. I look at her and kisses her cheek and she waves and walked away with jake. Why do I feel a pull towards her??


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