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The lace-up braid is a interesting braid that looks like you created a seven strand braid.

I'm always looking for super easy hairstyles to do on myself, and I usually go to Cute Girls Hairstyles for help on that. That's where I learned this hairstyle, and I'll link the video for it in here.

 That's where I learned this hairstyle, and I'll link the video for it in here

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(That's Brooklyn in the picture, by the way.)

Before you start, part your hair wherever you'd prefer it.

You'll need a hairbrush, three hair ties, and a spray bottle. It's probably good to have a mirror if you're doing it on yourself.

Brush through your hair and spray a little bit of water if neccessary to get out the tangles.

Place all your hair on one side of your head. Seperate most of your hair into two sections, and put in the hair ties to keep it out of the way. Make sure you leave out a smaller section of your hair, and put a hair tie in that as well. The smaller section should be around the size of what will be a single strand of one of the braids.

Take out the ponytail of one of the larger sections, and simply braid it. Do the same thing with the other large section.

You should now have two braids on the side of your head, and another portion of hair on the side.

Pull out the elastic from your small section. Go to one of the braids, and push two fingers in between two weaves of the braid. Make sure to begin at the top of the braid.

Now that you've created a small gap, pull the small section through it, so the small section is going towards the other braid. Make another small gap with that braid, and do the same thing.

You don't need to do every weave on the braid. In fact, you can skip one of them so you have more hair to reach the end.

Once you reach the end, take out both of the elastics and use one of them again to combine the braids.

If what I said made absolutely no sense, watch this video, especially when it gets to the part with the smaller section. It'll make more sense once you see it.

I hope you all get plenty of complements! Have a wonderful day!
-Ella Mae (I keep rhyming, hehe...)

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