Chapter 13

  “Katy, you have to wake up!” My alarm clock said. I started waving and smacking at the air until I hit my target.

“OUCH!!” Niall said. He took the covers off of my cold body.

“UH…GHY…USG…WER…GAHH…” I muttered into my pillow, trying to get the leprechaun away.

“I’ll eat ALL of your breakfast.” He said, dead serious. Shot out of bed with a dirty look in my eye.

“You wouldn’t.” I said, giving him the scariest eye look ever.

“Oh… you know I would.” He said with a crazy glint in his eye.

“MY FOOD!” I screamed as my battle cry. I shoved the covers off of my body so I could get out, and ran out the door… running like a maniac. I heard Niall rushing down the stairs after me once I was on the last step.

“You’ll never get me or my breakfast!” I yelled at Niall once I got to the kitchen.

“Hey Kat- Niall?” Liam said as he turned around. I smirked when I saw his apron…  it said Big Daddy on the front. I then turned around to find Niall on the floor… on top of Harry. I couldn’t control my laughs after seeing that. I turned back towards Liam and busted out laughing. Liam was next to laugh, then Niall and Harry. I guess our laughter woke up Louis because he was grumbling coming into the kitchen about not being able to find out what happened to the carrot, Boobear, and Hazza. After the boys and I heard that, we started a new round of laughter. After a while, we all stopped laughing to find that our eggs and bacon were cold. Niall started whining that he couldn’t eat his.

“Hurry up Lili! I’m hungry!” Niall whined.

“I’m trying Niall; the microwave is not a very fast heater-upper!” Liam replied, laughing. Niall kept groaning until we heard the BEEP from the microwave’s timer. Niall rushed to the microwave, but Liam got there first. Liam did a little shake of his butt, moving his hips side to side, knocking Niall off of the target.

“OW!!” Niall yelled when he landed on the floor with his butt. The boys started to laugh while Niall started to rub his probably bruised butt. I stopped to eat my breakfast, while the boys were calming down. After about three minutes, Zayn woke up.

“Morning Sunshine!” Louis said quite bubbly and petting Zayn’s head. Zayn replied using some VERY colorful words.

“Well then, someone doesn’t want their breakfast!” Louis replied to Zayn, using a sassy smirk across his face. Zayn walked quickly over to Louis, grabbed a new plate, put eggs on it, and sat back at the table.


“OK, well again today, we have to go into the studio for some work on the album. The time right now is…” Liam started.

“7:27!” Harry shouted, interrupting Liam.

“I GOT DIBS ON SHOWER!” Louis shouted, while running out the kitchen doorway.

“I got other shower!” Harry called back.

“I got my own shower!” I said, while running up the stairs… knowing I would only get cold water if I didn’t hurry. I looked back before I got all of the way up, and saw that Niall was still stuffing his face with eggs, Liam was pushing his chair in, and Zayn was taking a sip of his orange juice. All without any need to hurry.

“Yell if you need anything, towels is in the closet and so are washcloths.” Liam told me while he emptied his trash.

“Thanks!” I shouted back as I climbed the remainder of the steps after Louis and Harry. I heard water running, and some singing… who sings Call Me Maybe in the shower? I thought to myself.

“LOUIS, SHUT UP!” I heard Zayn shout. But Louis’s singing only increased in volume. I turned to the faucet, put it on medium, and stripped.

After the shower

I stepped out, drying my hair and body. I looked around for a hair dryer until I spotted one…. Zebra printed. After I had dried my hair, I found I had forgotten my clothes. I tied the towel closer to my body and ran out into the hallway.

I don’t know what scared me more- the cold air rushing onto my body, or bumping into Zayn.

“UH…I…uh… forgot… um …my uh…. Clothes.” I said, very embarrassed. Zayn looked down and walked away, mumbling a “Sorry, didn’t mean to.” To me, and he walked downstairs.

I rushed into my room, shut and locked the door. Well that was embarrassing I thought to myself as I got dressed. Once I had finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a lime green Hollister shirt, jeans, and Ugg boots. I then opened the door, and went into the living room where the boys were sitting and waiting.

“Ready to go?” Asked Niall.

“Yep, LEGGO!” I screamed. Louis grabbed my hand and we ran out the door. Once we got to the door of the car, Louis opened the driver’s side, and unlocked the other doors. I hopped in, shut the door, and Louis locked the doors.

“So I guess we’re on the same page, right?” I asked him.

“Yep I guess so.” He said with a smirk. Once the boys reached the car, Zayn was the first to try and open the door. Niall started smirking, Liam put his hands in his hair, and Harry, being smart just sat on the concrete. Louis and I started to laugh when the boys started to knock on the windows. Louis put his face on the window and moved it around. I did too, and soon we made kissy faces while the boys were banging on the doors and windows.

Somehow, Louis accidentally unlocked the door, and Zayn took the chance to open it. Liam, Niall, and Harry then trailed in behind him. Louis sulked off to the driver’s seat, and let everyone get buckled. I ended up sitting next to Harry and the window. Five minutes into the ride, Niall suggested that we played the ABC game. We were doing great until we got to P… and it was Harry’s turn. He looked around for a moment until his eyes landed on me. He shouted “PUSSY!” Liam and Zayn smacked his head while Niall, Louis, and I just laughed.

“Harry, small child in the vehicle!” Liam exclaimed. Louis let out a little chuckle and made the car swerve a bit. Harry ended up being quiet for the rest of the ride; it was quite funny looking at him and seeing a sad puppy dog face.

and if you are wondering how to say her name, you say it like

Cat-  e

Thank you my beutiful Monkeys!!!!


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