Chapter 4

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A/N: What units do they use in the USA to describe height? I googled it but I found several answers so I'd appreciate if an American could tell me. Thank you and enjoy the chapter! :)


People would've probably thought me vain if they were to observe how many times I checked my appearance in every reflective surface available; the car side mirrors, the theatre lobby glass panels, people's glasses... I did not miss a single opportunity to make sure a second head hadn't grown out of my shoulders. Okay, a second head was unlikely, but I would not be surprised if an ugly red pimple popped on my cheek or forehead; I was that nervous.

The reason for my anxiety was my not-a-date – as I had to constantly remind myself – with Rhys. I'd been so worried about being late that I'd arrived almost an hour early.

I shook my head at my own stupidity as I remembered I wouldn't even know at what hour to come here if Rhys had not returned to the Milk & Cream to tell me when the movie would start. How had I not had the common sense to ask him that before he left?

I checked the time on my phone – seven forty-two; a little less than twenty minutes were left before the film began so Rhys and Ken – no, Kennedy – should be here at any moment now. I pocketed the mobile device and used one of the windows to take a look at my hair. Fashionably ruffled was how I always described it and I found it the best style for me, but tonight it just seemed like a mess. I couldn't decide if the hairs should stick to the left or to the right or to some combination of those options. I ran my palm over the top of my head but I still couldn't get it right. My fingers jittered, pushing locks one way or pulling them the other until I was fairly satisfied with the result.

It was now time to check the rest of me so my eyes moved to my shirt. It was light but long-sleeved. I preferred wearing long-sleeved clothing even in the summer; that way people wouldn't stare at my scars.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I shouldn't be thinking about how I got them; tonight was about having fun, getting to know Rhys better and maybe making a new friend in the face of his youngest sibling.

I gazed at the time on the clock app of my mobile and I couldn't believe it had only been four minutes since the last time I'd done that. Only about a quarter of an hour was left before the movie; what if they didn't come?

What if I got the time wrong?

Or maybe it was the day?

No. Yesterday Rhys had said 'Friday' and 'tomorrow'. Today was Friday and yesterday's tomorrow; I couldn't be wrong about the day. Once he'd told me the hour the film would begin, I'd immediately set up a reminder on my phone so I shouldn't be wrong about that either. But what if something came up and they couldn't make it?

We should've exchanged numbers...

"Here you are," the familiar, naturally raspy voice beckoned me to turn around and I did so, letting out a relived sigh. He was finally here.

"I'm sorry we didn't come sooner, but there was a car crash on one of the main roads so we had to find an alternative route," Rhys explained.

"That's okay," I reassured him. It was easy to say that at this point with him standing in front of me and having a good reason for showing up late. My gaze shifted from Rhys – leather jacket surprisingly missing – to the much smaller figure of a freckled boy with similar features.

My first thought about Kennedy was that he looked like a husky; the darker variety which had black fur contrasting with bright eyes. His hair was not black though – it was brown like that of his brothers – but his eyes did shine vividly, to the point where it took me a while to notice anything else about him.

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