Part 2: Day at the Beach

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You slept through the night easily, waking up around 9. You were excited for the day. The idea of making new friends sounded nice.

After a shower, you put on your red one piece swim suit along with a pair of shorts. You grabbed your radio and headed out to meet Daniel and Freddy.

The drive to the beach wasn't long. And soon enough you found yourself looking out over the blue water. You dug your feet slightly into the ground, smiling at the feeling of the warm sand on your skin.

You walked towards a group of girls sitting on the sand. They looked up at you with welcoming smiles.

"Mind if I join you?" You asked the group.

"Not at all." The blonde girl smiled, patting the ground next to her, signaling for you to sit.

You took her invitation, sitting with the group. You set down your radio, turning it on.

"I haven't seen you here before. Are you new?" She asked.

"Yeah, my brother and I just moved here from New Jersey."

"Cool." She said with a smile. "My names Ali. With an I."

"It's nice to meet you Ali." You smiled back.

After introducing yourself to the rest of the girls, you all seemed to hit it off well. You were happy to have them to talk to, not just your brother.

After awhile of sitting and talking, Daniel and his friends started playing soccer. You watched as they ran down the beach towards you. Soon enough they were right next to you fighting for the ball.

You noticed Daniel starring at Ali and viceversa. As she threw him the ball, he started bouncing it off his legs, clearly trying to show off.

Feeling weird about watching your brother flirt with a girl, you gave a disgusted look and got up. Turning around, you saw a group of people playing volleyball.

You walked over to them and joined the game. You loved volleyball. It was one of those things you're just drawn to.

Soon the sun was set and it was getting too dark to play. You were getting ready to leave when one of the girls stopped you. "Hey, you're really good."

"Thanks, you too." You said with a smile.

"You should try out at school. I'm sure you'd make it."

"I might just do that." You said before turning around and heading back to the group of girls who were now sitting around a fire.

While you were sitting, Freddy kicked the ball at your group. You caught it, and gave it to Ali. She got up and met Daniel halfway.

They started talking and you couldn't help but smile. If anyone was gonna be with Daniel, you were happy it was her.

But your smile was wiped from your face as a group of guys on motorcycles came down onto the beach. Ali had kicked the ball away for Daniel to go get and sat back down by you.

A blonde boy got off his motorcycle and bent down in front of Ali. "Hey Ali I wanna talk to you."

"Just leave me alone. We've been over all this. I don't wanna talk." She said.

"Who is he?" You asked the girl sitting next to you.

"Bad news." She whispered back.

"Well I wanna talk to you alright?" He said while turning off your radio.

Ali turned it back on, but the blonde quickly shut it back off. "What is your problem?"

Clearly they weren't on good terms. And his inability to get the picture was starting to get on your nerves but you held your tongue, not wanting to get into something you didn't know anything about.

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