💗 Nom 💗

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I watched the time tick down eagerly.


"One!" I screamed. My eyes lit up and I rushed outside then opened the oven seeing perfectly baked cupcakes. I had a proud smile on my face getting a toothpick and sticking it in one cupcake to check if it was cooked right. I stared at the toothpick intensely then had a sigh of relief. I hummed and threw it away and put them in the freezer to cool it down. Once i took it out, I decorated the cupcakes with pink and blue frosting shaped as hearts, and pink and blue sprinkles. I felt happy with the finished product so I took a quick picture.

I waited and saw the first message being just like the others.

Nicky 💗


I giggled and replied quickly.

Nicky 💗

Morning! :3
How'd chu sleep? :D

Great uwu And i dreamt of you like always :3 wanna hear about it?

I smiled more and asked my mom to drop me to his house as I replied slowly.

Nicky 💗

Yeah ^w^ srry i was doing smth

Oh owo it's oki uwu anyways-

I continued to read about his dream as I sat in the front seat of the car heading to his house. I held the cupcakes cautiously on my lap. When he finished talking about his dream I made it to his house so I got out of the car and walked to his door blushing. I looked back at my mom who was waiting for me to go inside and turned back to the door. I took a deep breath and knocked hearing talking and a smiley Nicky staring at his phone. When he looked up at me he blushed and put his phone away looking at the cupcakes.

I blushed and smiled happily holding out the cupcakes, "Happy Anniversary!"

He blushed more and smiled, tearing a bit. He leaned in and kissed my cheek with a chuckle, "Thanks sweetheart~"

I pouted and blushed more walking inside and seeing my mom drive off. Once we got to his room we started talking waiting for the other to start eating the cupcake first. Soon I just asked him to try it and he nodded and took one. He stared at it and held it for a few moments until I just pouted and said, "Nom!"

I leaned in and took a small bite out of the side and he blushed a bit and chuckled, "Oh sorry I was just admiring it! You did great!"

I pouted more and looked away embarrassed "ShUsH iT BaKa JusT eAt"

He smiled and hesitantly took a bite out of it and he seemed to like it. I stared at him for more of a reaction whether it was good or bad i didn't want it to be neutral. He smiled more and looked over to me, "It's amazing!"

I felt my heart race happily that he liked it so much. Once he ate it all I hugged him staining his shirt making me snicker. "Thank chuuuu!"

He smiled and nodded, "Yeah it's really good"

He hugged me back and we relaxed in each other's embrace. We started to just cuddle under the blanket and with a small yawn I mumbled, "I would've been sad if it was bad... Especially since I spent all night making it..."

He gasped and had a reassuring smile, "It was so good! I loved it.. But you need rest cutie..! I'm kinda tired too so.. we can maybe sleep together!"

I smiled and nodded curling up in his chest "Yeah... I'd like that.."

We closed our eyes and calmed down snuggling each other slowly drifting off to sleep to the comfortable warmth of the other.

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