34: My Wife!! (wedding reception)

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Author's POV:

         Silver lights, floral decorations over the hall, a large amount of people dressed in heavy and beautiful clothes, a warm , friendly and excited environment laced with anticipation , it is the scene of official reception of Aayat and Mahir that were the new couple of the night.

          No doubt that their marriage news had gathered the attention of the city as both of them were renowned personalities of the city as Aayat was currently one of the youngest advocate of the city having such a high success rate while on the other hand Mahir was indeed appreciated for making his valuable contribution in the medical field in such a less span of years. It was obvious that their wedding had captured the attention of media and thus many respected journalists were present there among others waiting for the bride so that they can finally approach the couple.
         Thus , as much as Aayat and Mahir didn't want to do any grand event, they had to do so inorder to make their colleagues and people from their field a part of their happiness.

         So, maximum of the guests had arrived including Mahir's one of good friend and his colleague , Dr. Shahir Sheikh and his father who was also the renowned Neurologist of the city.

"Congratulations buddy!" Shahir said as he approached the groom in the navy blue coloured tux, Mahir.

"Thanks Shahir. " He said hugging him.

"Where is uncle?" Mahir asked to Shahir.

"Dad is with your father." Shahir informed.

"Oh.. by the way this is My very old and best friend from university Dr.Hamza." Mahir said introducing Hamza to Shahir.

        The both man smiled at each other formally and then shook their hands as Mahir informed,

"And Hamza this is Dr. Shahir."

         Hamza smiled and said,
"I have heard about him."

         Shahir thanked and then asked to Hamza,
"You're a doctor too. Where do you practice?"

"I mainly practice in my Uncle's hospital outside the city." Hamza answered, meanwhile Mahir got busy with other guest congratulating him.

"Oh that's why probably I never heard about you." Shahid said.

"Nice to meet you." He added.

"Nice to meet you too." Hamza replied simply. Soon, Shahir got down the stage as the series of Mahir's other colleagues and others kept coming and congratulated them.


           Mahir sat back on his place as Hamza too sat beside him on the side chair, the main chair beside Mahir where Aayat was supposed to seat was still vacant as their was no trace of her.

"Bro, Bhabhi is keeping you waiting from day one ha!" There goes Farhan dressed in black tux with blue tie who came on to the stage.

Mahir punched on his stomach playfully as he smiled playfully.

"Shut up Farhan and stop pulling his leg." Mahir's mother said as she also joined them.

          "Do you need anything Mahir?' she asked to her handsome son.

"No Ammi. I am fine."he replied and she nodded."

"What are you all talking about?" Razaaq one of the most happiest person today asked as he came up along the kinza ,his daughter.

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