The Seven Potters

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sorry for not updating is hell. That's all. Enjoy this chappie my lovlies, and I'm happy that this story already almost had 100 reads and it hasn't even been a week😂 luv you guys.

Warning-this chapter sucks..I'll write you another one later:)

Which house would you be in? Some of my friends say Hufflepuff 💛💛which I am very proud of, but some said Ravenclaw💙. But tbh Hufflepuff is my favorite house💛💛😂


My arms tighten around Tonk's waist as we prepare to fly. I take a good look at least I think that's Hermione, who stares straight ahead. I'm a true idiot for believing that I had a chance with her. I blew it with Lavender. It's hard to pick who I love more. I know I should be worries about Harry, but it burns me to know that he has chemistry with Hermione. Isn't she meant to be mine?

I mean, I had a crush on Hermione for forever. And I basically just dated Lavender so I could make her see if she liked me in return. But I've ruined not only that, but her trust in me. I guess we are still best friends because she "acts" like nothing happened but I know that she's still furious. I would be if I were her.

I mean I had sex with Lavender..multiple times. I found out a few days before I left Hogwarts that she is now pregnant. I'm fumed at myself, but at the same time, I don't regret the relation ship I had with her.

So I have to make the decision. Do a want a love that is verbal, or physical? Very physical.

"One!" I hear Moody screech and by the time, I've already forgotten where I am.

I turn my neck to look at Harry (I can tell that is Harry because he was with Hagrid) who still has a scowl on his face. He is my best mate, but he needs to get that he isn't alone in his head.


I huff as Tonks whimpers slightly and whispers, "I love you Remus."

This is it. I guess I didn't hear Mad Eye say three, because before I can blink my broom zooms into the air.

Cold wind nibbles at my nose and I sniffle, although knowing that won't do me any good.

All of us are still together, huddled in the sky. Okay, great start. Now, if it can stay like this the entire time. Oh come on. I'm no idiot. Someone is bound to know that Harry is being moved today. Someone has to know.

I look at Harry again and his eyes change from angry to confused. No, focused. But what is he focusing on?

I'm reluctant, but I turn my head slightly to face the wind, and I shiver. I dig my chin into the crook of Tonk's neck and her expression changes too.

"What is it?" I ask. But I didn't even have too. Death eaters from every span of my eye zoom in, starting to shoot spells at everyone.

"Plan B, Ron," Tonks explains. "Plan-" a blue light searches through the clouds and blasts her in the side of the face, knocking her out.

"Shit." I mumble. I totally forgot what Plan B was. I remember that Plan A was to have a smooth ride to the Burrow without any disruptions, and if there were one or two stray death eaters, we would kill them on the spot.

I take control of the broom and whip out my wand. I hear Tonks groaning and I'm relieved that she isn't dead.

"Where's the real one!" A death eater screams. I don't know why they yell like they have something stuck in their throats, I guess it just adds creepy tone to their voices.


I don't even have time to think because a death eater quickly flies in front of me and shoots a disarming spell at me. Really? We are over one hundred feet into the air and you think you can harm me with a disarming spell?

I easily duck the spell and think of the first spell that comes to my mind.


The death eater is shocked and falls back, without a broom to support us. I look around and I'm alone now. It seems like everyone is gone in their own separate battles. I think I'm done, when I unexpectedly swoop down on my broom. I have no control whatsoever. My broom fidgets around the open air causing me to loose balance. But I'm not the one entirely in danger. Tonks is sliding off of the side of the broom, still under partial unconsciousness. I wrap my arm around her body, completely preventing her from falling and try my best to balance the both of us on the broom. I glance at the sky and see a death eater charging towards me, while jinxing my broom.

"Stubefy!" I shriek. Only this death eater isn't as easily fooled as the other one. I never wanted to do this, but I gasp as the words escape my lips.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The death eater exhales for the last time before slipping and falling off of the broom, to his death.
I glance at Tonks who is regaining consciousness and her eyes flutter open slightly.

"Ron..?" She asks lightly. Funny how she recognized me even though I was Harry.

I nod.

"Where are the others?"

"Probably at the burrow. We should get there before any more death eaters show up."

I look straight ahead and fly further down into the sky, where I can see the long stocks of grass that belong to my house.


I gesture for her to speak without looking at her.

"How am I alive?"

"Do you actually think I would have let you fall?" I say, sighing.

"No..I mean..I don't know," there is a long moment of silence. Thank you."

I pause before I answer her with a simple thank you, and my broom reaches ground level. I help Tonks off first who pushes me aside and runs to Remus, who envelopes her in a large hug. I find Hermione who is now back to herself, and she walks over to me stiffly.

"How was yours?"

I take the glasses that are stretched across my face off.

"How was my what?"

"Your ride, like just in general?"

"I mean..normal..I guess. I ran into two death-"

"Only two? Lucky you. We were unfortunate enough to run into at least thirty!"

I'm beginning to get agitated. "Well your still standing here now aren't you, Hermione?"

Hermione sighs and rolls her eyes. She does that when she knows I'm right.

"Where's Harry?"

"How the bloody hell should I know? I just got here?"

Without another word Hermione takes of running, looking for her lost love, who isn't me.

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