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So here is our budding author FatimaBintaySalman

The author of heart touching book 'The Journey of a Broken Heart'

1.How did you start writing and who inspired you to write?

Writing has always been my break. Whenever I  was stressed out because of school or stuff ,I would just write small stories. They were not that good but they help to  relaxe me. In this way I found my passion in writing. I don't really know who inspired me in the first place but I read works from so many amazing authors and their stories to fame which  I wanted to give it a shot.

2. So, would you say writing as your hobby or passion?

I would say that it is my passion more than it is my hobby as I would defiantly like to continue writing in the future as well.

3.I'm sure you'll have great future in it. Which is the biggest turn taken place in your life as of writing?

Aww Thankyou!I think that writing definitely made me more confidant as in publishing my books here on wattpad. I made so many new friends, I  got to communicate with so many different people and understand them better. Then again everything perfects with practice, writing chapters everyday made me realize that I  can actually write decent stuff that people enjoy reading so it made me love and be proud of myself  if that makes sense :)

4.I guess writing helped you to discover your true self. Have you ever faced phases while writing?

Yes definitely there were some pros and cons in writing just like every other thing. I struggled with making longer updates. Then making regular updates and keeping the readers interested in the stories I write. There were sometimes where I had to drag myself to write a chapter. Other problems may be that I had to fit online classes, homework, watt pad, other things into my tight schedule. But overall I  really enjoyed my experience and it helped me a lot.

5.Well sometimes somethings are worth a shot especially the one's we love, isn't it ? What do you really love about writing ?

Yup! I agree :)I actually love everything about writing. It just is so good to take something that you made in your head and put it on paper/ type it and then share it to the world. And then if people like it you just sit back behind the screen smiling like an idiot and think ," I made this happen"It is this'I made this happen' feeling that I love the most.

6.I get it even I love the feeling you get when something you created come to life . Do you want to give suggestions or advice for writing books?

Oh yeah I have one advice and that is that you should always go with your heart, write whatever you want to write whether it's cliche or a completely new thing. Always give it a shot. You will get better by the passage of time and who knows, maybe you ARE the next big thing. If you want to improve your writing try reading classics and works of other authors and take notes from their writing style and always be humble and polite. Make good choices in life :)

7.I completely agree with you and lastly ,what do you want to say to fellow readers or authors?

To the readers I would like to say that thank you for spending your time here and reading this. And if you like anything that you read by anyone be sure to give them feedback, I promise it would make their day! Hope we can be friends :) and thank you to the fellow authors as well for spending their time here. Hope you found this interview useful. Always follow your passion and write your heart out and please don't be afraid of giving anything you love a shot. Hope we can be friends as well :)And lastly thank YOU for interviewing me, it has been an honor and it felt so good sharing my thoughts with everyone :) <3

          And that finally came to an end ! Thank You 

          And that finally came to an end ! Thank You 

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