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MAY'S RIGHT LEG was continuously bouncing up and down, as her hands were laid upon her knees. A hand had taken hers, giving it a light squeeze. She looked up, her eyes landing on Ryan, smiling his dazzling smile.

"They'll love you," Ryan stated. "I promise," he added, as May had looked apprehensive.

The brunette sighed, turning herself more toward the man. "I just know it's going to be weird for them. With them being so young, having a new woman in their dad's life that isn't their mother, can be confusing for them," she accentuated.

Ryan grabbed both of her hands, giving them a light kiss. "May, I've talked to them. Blake talked to them. Children are smarter than you think. They tend to pick up on a lot more than us adults give them credit for," he explained.

May nodded as Ryan leaned in to kiss her. "Okay," she simply replied. She placed her hand on his cheek, stroking his stubble beard, subtly. May smiled softly, her eyes flickering up at his dazzling dark brown eyes.

The actor's eyes were fixated on her coffee-colored ones, getting lost in the sparkling glint. A knock on the door of the apartment had broken the couple out of their own bubble.

Ryan pecked May's lips, whispering small words of encouragement into her ear before he walked over toward the front door. "Hi, my lovely ladies!" The man exclaimed, picking up his two girls, James and Inez. He put them down, taking his youngest daughter, Betty, into his arms from the nanny.

The nanny handed off everything the dad needed before saying her goodbyes. "James, Inez, Betty, I like you, girls, to meet someone very special to me. This is May, my girlfriend," Ryan introduced his daughters to the brunette.

James smiled a toothy grin, as did Inez. Betty cooed and beamed like a baby she was, which made May let out a giggle.

Those smiles were a silent agreement that May was in approval from Ryan's three daughters.

Ryan couldn't help but grin at the scene unfolding in front of him. His two daughters, not counting the one in his arms, giving May a tight embrace.

It was a sight to behold, and Ryan was pleased and relieved. Meeting the kids was a big step for the couple, and they were beginning to become genuinely serious.

"You were worried for nothing," Ryan mentioned, as he sat down beside the brunette on the couch. Betty was still in his arms, sucking happily on her thumb. James and Inez were sat on the floor, playing with their Barbies that were scattered across the floor, with numerous other toys.

May caressed Betty's hair, a keen grin toying on her lips. "Whatever, Reynolds," she muttered.


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