3 - Thunderstorms

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Luke (Age 4):

You hated thunderstorms so much; they scared you to death. Right now there was a huge storm outside and the rain was pounding on the roof. You lived at the front of the house and the trees in your front yard were banging against your window.

Luke was in his room practicing guitar so you walked into his room and carefully opened the door.

"What's up, Y/N?"
"Is it the storm?"
You nodded and ran to him, starting to cry.
"Oh, sweetie, it's okay. You're fine. I'll protect you."

He put you in his lap and started rocking you, softly singing "Amnesia" in your ear.

Soon you fell asleep in his arms and he, not having the heart to move you, fell asleep with you.

Calum (Age 15):

There was a major storm starting and Calum usually was there to comfort you. But this time, he was on tour.

You thought you could stick it out but after a major panic attack, you had to call Calum.

"Hey! What's up, Y/N?"
"C-Calum. Need h-help."
"Is it storming there? Do you need help?"
"Y-Yes p-please."
"Okay, grab your laptop and I'll call you."

Calum FaceTimed you and helped you to calm down, even singing you to sleep before hanging up and telling Joy what happened.

No matter where he was in the world, he would always be there for you.

Ashton (Age 6):

You liked the sound of rain but the thunder and lightning was a totally different story.

You were watching movies with Ashton, trying to drown out the sound of the thunder outside. All of a sudden a huge boom of thunder sounded and you started shaking.

"I know you're scared, babe, but I'm here to protect you and keep you safe," Ashton said, rubbing your back soothingly.

"A-Ash it's s-so loud."
"Just think, it's like drums in the sky! The drummer is just practicing really loud," he chuckled.

After that, you weren't as scared of the thunder and you knew you had Ashton to protect you.

Michael (Age 17):

Both you and Michael loved the rain. You could spend hours just watching and listening to the rain, saying nothing at all.

This time when the storm came, Michael had a bright idea.

"Wanna go dance with me?"

You looked confused for a moment before nodding and taking his extended hand, him leading you outside.

You guys danced around for hours, you and Michael singing together and getting soaked. It was the perfect day and your brother made it so much better.

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