chapter 15~ alfies single

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*2 days later*

I was sat on my bed scrolling through the comment on my coming out vidio all of which were suportive.

There was even one from Tyler saying I knew it.

Almost everyone had called or tweeted me ecsept Alfie.

I hadn't seen him since America and our second kiss.

I tried forgetting about him but hes to perfect. Way to perfect.

Beep beep

I looked at my notfications to see alfie had posted a vidio. So without a second thourght I clicked on it.

Alfie: hey guys so no body has seen me in a while. Im sorry about that its just well I have or had alot going on.

Iv sorted it all out now acsept one thing wich im gona go sort out in a minute.

So before I go I just wana say yes me and zoe have broke up and were now just friends.

Sorry zalfie shippers.

I gota go fix my life see ya next week. Bye

Omg him and zoe are over. Is it bad im super happy right now.

I know zoes my best friend but alfies singel yey. I guess it dosnt matter because hell never like me back.


Anyway they were just kisses? The heat of the moment.


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