{8} The Forgotten Trio

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"So this is where you lived huh?" I asked, as we walked down the loud, noisy area. "The Underground of the Rose District." I murmured, trying my best not to stare in disgust at the people around me. The two nodded, "We're familiar with some people around here," Farlan stated. Isabel nodded in agreement.

"Where do you sleep?" I questioned. "Wait and find out, you'll be sleeping there too."

Isabel opened the wooden door as it creaked. "In here," she motioned.

I expected it to be someone antique, old and dirty. Instead, it was polished new.

Farlan had recognized my look and sighed, "I know, but we got this habit from-" he gazed over at Isabel, "-an old friend."

I raised an eyebrow but decided to ignore it, it wasn't my business anyway.

"You can sleep here," they lead me to another small room. Inside, the walls were wooden and the floor planks was clear of any splints. A small pot of roses was neatly put next to a window sill, which surprised me. "We never really got to thank you, so I guess this would do." Isabel stated shyly. I stared at the window.

A window in the underground?

"This is an escape route we use when the Taylors come to raid our houses. We put every valuable item up there and come back, pretending we're poor." Farlan said.

I stared at them, "Taylors?"

Isabel nodded, "They come every once a month, I guess they'd be here in a week or so."

A week.

Dinner was ready and we sat close together at the table. The smell of stew was like a powerful aura, nothing compared to what I had been given in the palace but I'd get used to it.

"What happened to you?" Farlan asked.

"Simply put; Wall Maria fell, I survived, got taken to the king's palace to be treated as a princess and all that stuff."

The two stared mouth agape.

"What happened to..half of you? What about Kazu?" Isabel asked.

I could tell that Farlan kicked Isabel under the table to show how rude it was yet..

"I'm sorry about that-"

"He didn't make it."

"I found my brother stabbed, but it was too late. Then the bell sounded. At the time I didn't know what it meant, I was all concentrated on him."

"He told me to leave, but the ceiling came crashing down and....fell on half of me." I gestured to my ear and my eye.

They stared at me with intense looks, almost as if they were glaring.

"-I don't know what happened to...to Kazu." I admitted and they nodded. 

I had no hard feeling or regrets, I couldn't do anything to stop it from happening.

"Bella, we need to tell you something. You may have forgot." Farlan said. "Just close your eyes, it won't hurt." Isabel stated, placing a key in my hand.



"They must have died!" I spit, "-and I'm going to resurrect them!"I jumped on my stallion and rode off.

"Bellane no!" I heard my brother scream as my horse galloped right into the area where the Survey Corps had entered hours ago. I had waited for at least one person to exit out of the squad that entered, but as time went to pass, nobody did. 

"I'm going in there, with our without you!" I yelled back, and so I did.

Rain was pouring heavily, and if they had killed the Titans, they would have disintegrated by now. "Hello? Anyone?" I called out but failing without a reply.

Then I reached a part of the place, where it seemed like a mass grave of Titans.

Skeletons of the gigantic figures were laying down in odd figures, but the worst was two on top of each other.

Then I saw the first hint of skin, a sickened hand sticking out of the two bones.

I gasped and ran straight for it, there might still be a body intact.

All I needed was one part of the body. I quickly pulled it out, disgusted but in awe. It was the first time I would ever use the magic I was trained to perform.

Wrapping the arm in a white torn cloth, I made my way towards a cleaner tree; no bodies or blood.

Quickly, I placed the hand down and knelt next to it. The key on my neck was now in the palm of my hand.

Please work.

I placed the other hand on the bruised arm and closed my eyes.


"Then what about Farlan?" I asked, my eyes wide with confusion.

"Well, he's a different story."


"Where is he?" I asked the red pigtail girl, her eyes were still wide with fear. She couldn't speak, yet she pointed a shaky finger to a solid skeleton. I nodded.

"H-here." She said, handing me a rotten, worn and torn boot. I looked at her with skeptically. "What is this?"

"He used to w-wear this...all the time," I studied the boot. I've seen boots everywhere, how does she know it's his? They must've been close..

This was all I needed anyways.

"Are you sure it will work witch-chan?" she asked. I nodded, "This is only my second time I've done this, Isabel."


"What? What happened after all of that?" I asked. Farlan gestured towards my necklace.

"You used almost all of your inhuman skills, it almost drained the life out of you."

"Your brother asked us to keep the key locked up and far from you until you needed it."

"We then found out your memories of that day were stored in it."

I nodded, it all made sense. But the sound of them talking like my brother was still alive...

"-You can't resurrect him."

I realized I was standing up, my hands in a fist and my eyes determined to head for the door.


"Well, there is another way."  The two looked at Farlan, his arms were crossed on top of each other as he lay back on the chair.

Of course there is.

It wasn't time to be all emotional, if I didn't act fast, it was now or never.




"So...here's the plan."

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