leah's imprinting

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Chapter 2

jacob's PROV

Leah feels like a true friend to me, as if she understands exactly what I'm trying to say without me saying it. She comforts me and I don't know what I would become if it wasn't for her. She's keeping me sain at this moment. Bella is fading away while Edward's child is sucking her dry as the hours pass. I sit next to Leah and cry for the first time, realizing that Bella could die."Leah, can I ask you something?"

Leah looks at me and nods

"How do you cope, you know with Sam and Emily?" She tensed up and then relaxed and sighed

"Its not easy let me tell you, it pains me everyday to see them happy, but what can I do, I just try and forget as much as possible, listen Jake, you will imprint on someone one day, and you won't forget Bella but you will have a new purpose, a new love and everything will become clear" she smiles but the smile never reached her eyes.

"Will you ever imprint Leah?" I asked

Leah looks at her feet and replies

"Maybe, but I'm not sure Jake if it applies to me because I'm a girl wolf, so I'm not sure" she sighs. I look at her and see her eyes well up with tears. I hug her

"Leah I'm sure you will imprint, look everything will work out for both of us, you'll see" she smiles and I wipe her tears away and then I stand up

"Look I want to go run a while, you want to come?" She nods and we go out to phase.

Leah's PROV

I went with Jacob to run a little. We ran and ran for almost 3 hours.

"Jake, you know we have been running for 3 hours strait?" He looked at me and said "yeah I think we should probably crash for the night, are you gonna head home?" I look at him for a long time

"Do you need me to Jake?" He looks at the ground and said "please if you don't mind" I nod and crashed wolf form on the ground. He slept next to me wolf form.


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