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" Ooh happy 20th to me" Mani says as she raises her bottle of Hennessy before putting it to her lips

" Happy birthday Mani" The blonde says

" Thank you, you remembered" She says

" Of course I remembered, I got you a present" The blonde pulls out a box. " Go on open it"

"Earrings, is this your way of telling me you like me" She giggles

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"Earrings, is this your way of telling me you like me" She giggles. " They are cute tho maybe I should try them on now" She tries to put them on but drops it due to being drunk.

" Let me help you"

" I dont need your help you're not my girlfriend" She taps on her chest and walks away

" Nice party" The Latina says as she puts the red cup to her lips

" Where is your girlfriend?"

" She is not my girlfriend as yet, but she left to go somewhere. Those kids are up to something I can smell it"

An hour later

" Someone call an ambulance Mani passed out in the bathroom"

The blonde takes off immediately and begins to do CPR

" Make sure no one leaves and this party is over" The blonde says to the Latina who takes off immediately

" Where are you going Syd, you got somewhere to be?" The Latina smirks. " Wanna tell me what this is?" She holds up the empty ecstacy packet. " Did you give this to her?"

" What's your deal Columbiana you some undercover cop?" She crosses her arms.

She grabs her arm and bends it behind her back. " I'm your worst nightmare" She says as the paramedics comes in and leaves with Normani on a stretcher. " Look I didnt do anything  you need to ask her bff Tucker ask him where he gets his stuff from" She says trying to save her ass. " Imma need back up" The Latina says into

Skip to the hospital

" Where is Tucker?"

" I have no idea but I got some information from Sydney she did not hesitate to rat her buddy out. Looks like him and that wanna be Eminem had something to do with Ariana's death and I think they are trying to do the same thing to Normani"

" We need to find them, in the meantime imma stay here with Normani"

" Great, here comes the captain"

" Good job guys" He commends. " How is the kid doing?"

"They managed to flush most of the drugs out of her system but she is still unconscious, we need to put a warrant out for a Tucker Brown and Dallas Thomas he goes by the name Echo"

" I'll have the guys get on it right away, keep up the good work" He leaves

" You okay? You like her dont you?"

"I care about her she is only fucking 20 Lauren, the last 20 year I watched died under my watch was my little sister I'm  not gonna allow someone else to lose their young life"

" That sounds like love to me but dont worry you're not gonna go to jail she is totally legal" The Latina winks

" Go jerk off or something imma go check on her"

When she goes into the room it's dark as she flicks on the lights she finds Tucker at her bedside

" I didnt give those drugs to her, I would never do anything to hurt her"

" If you didnt then who the fuck did?" The blonde says angrily

" Sydney"

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