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'Tis the first chapter of my third story...


7:00 AM

3rd POV

In the small village of Runudki, a girl by the name of Y/n happily walked down the stoned streets, stopping at the local bakery, her bakery.

Walking in, she immediately put on the apron, preparing to bake as she had to open in an hour. An employee of hers was running late and had a bird send a message to her to inform her of the late arrival.

Y/n, being the caring soul she is, let them off and came in early.

She quickly whipped up some brownie and cookie batter, stuffing them in the old-fashioned oven. Then quickly heading on to making some scones.

After about thirty minutes, the slightly heavy door opened to reveal Matt, her close friend and employee. Many people thought he was given the job due to being her best friend, but he actually had a very special talent in baking, though not as good as her of course.

Many people in the village envy Matt for being so close to Y/n, the practical gem of the village. She helps out in any way she can for the people of the village. Some boys want to ravage her, while some boys want to secure her pureness and treat her like a queen.

Most girls of the village find her adorable and fun to hang out with while only a few don't care for her.

"Hey Y/n, sorry again for my tardiness. My little brother wouldn't get out of bed for school." He said, sounding like he just ran a mile.

In the village, boys go to school from ages 6 to 16 while girls go from 7 to 14. When they graduate, they take adult classes, preparing for what they want to do to contribute to the village.

In Y/n's case, the moment she graduated, she spent every day taking baking classes and at home, preparing dishes and desserts for her family.

She gained money by babysitting for her peers. And after three years of babysitting, taking classes, and working hard, she had enough money to buy and own her very own bakery, quickly becoming the hot spot of the village.

"It's okay, I have everything under control. Get your apron and start making some cake pops." She said while smiling, understanding his situation.

He nodded.


Somewhere close but far, deep in the forest lies a beast. A beast who takes form of both man and werewolf, yet currently is in the form of man.

He lies upon the grass, staring up at the sky, wondering when his mate will show up. If she'll ever show up. Day by day he loses hope.

"When will you come? I need you..." he beast says, talking to no one but himself.

He hears the faint noise of footsteps coming his way.

'Alpha, the beta from the Red Moon Pack has come to warm us about invading his land. Give us your instructions on how to handle him.' His beta, second-in-command midlinks him.

'Tell him that we aren't. We've owned these lands for years and now they start to complain because it's near their pack. Let them off with a warning. I don't need this right now' the alpha, leader of the pack, midlinks him back.

The Red Moon pack have recently been coming after them for 'crossing the borders', which just pissed the beast off. They've lived in theses parts of the woods for more than 10 years and not once have they complained.

They've kept their distance from both the human village and the werewolf pack.

The beast has of course thought of entering the human village, but refrained from doing so as noticing it's a small village, he'll be questioned by many.

The footsteps become louder and the beast turned his head.

"Alpha, they want to see you. They won't leave us alone." His beta claimed. "Ok, start heading back, I'll follow."

Groaning, the beast stands up from the soft grass and follows behind his beta, Jake.

If one were to see this scene with no background on this rogue pack, they would believe that they were innocent and just wanted to live free, but that is far from the truth.

Yes, they live on unclaimed land, which shows they are innocent from those claims the other pack is throwing on them. But that might be the only innocent thing about them.

They've killed numerous amounts of humans that have entered the woods. Slaughtered any rogue that looked weak to them, and have even killed pack members for being too 'weak'.

The alpha took pride in torturing others, both werewolves and humans. It makes his day when a human wonders in the woods, giving him his playtime with knifes, ropes, fire, and more.

Though, his favorite is to pounce on them in his werewolf form, rio them apart and eat them alive. To hear their screams of pain and desperation.

He himself, killed the first Alpha and Luna. His parents. At age 18, his parents claimed they would not be giving the alpha position to him, claiming that instead of giving it to the heir, they have a a battle of who would be the strongest and most dominant of them all.

He didn't like that idea, so he killed them, but made everyone think it was another member and he was sentenced to death.

No one knew of the battle so they just gave the position the the heir. Now all he needs is his Luna.

He swore that when he found his mate, he would keep her away from all others and would protect her with his life. He would keep her from his evil life. Making her completely and utterly his.


"There you are Zachary, I was wondering when you would show up. You know an alpha is supposed to watch over his pack, not leave them alone." The beta of the Red Moon Pack states.

The beast growled at him, not liking the disrespect from a beta. "You better watch yourself young boy. I may not be part of an official pack, but I'm still an Alpha and I can rip you into pieces within seconds..." the beast warned.

"Is that a threat I heard?" The beta asked with a smirk. "No, it was a warning. Now go back to your pack before I start a full blown war and you know who'll win. My pack containing only men, excluding the mates, ripped and buff. Who train for their life everyday with 150 of them against your 100 warriors of both men and women and some barely reaching 5'8. Now go back and stop trying to anger me." The beast warned for the last time.

The beta wanted to fight back, but he knew that wouldn't be a good idea. Just because one is an official pack, doesn't make them stronger. Being smart he retreated back to his pack with a scowl on his face.

"Can never get a break, can I?" The beast complained.

"Alpha, there is a girl in the woods currently. It looks like she is picking our fruits." The member said.

This actually calmed him down.

"Finally, another stupid human. This outta be fun."
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