Welcome Demigods and um..... warriors!

Percy Jackson appears

Percy: "Where in Poseidon's Name Am I?"

Me: A place Called drahos.

Percy: I suck at geography, but i don't think that's a place.

Me: Shut up. anywho next contestent... Annabeth chase!

Annabeth appears

Annabeth: Who the frick are you?

Me: Drake, but you can call me Drake.

Annabeth: I wanna call you something else.


Me: Well this will take to long to do so all the other contestents are..

Grover Underwood,Thalia Grace,

,Piper Mclean, Jason Grace,

, Leo Valdez,Frank Zhang,Reyna something-or-another,Hazel levezeque, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, And Katie Gardener Appear.

Jason: Who are you?

Piper: And where is this?


Leo: Harsh

Me: You are in Drahos, a place outside time and reality. You are her to play.....TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!!

Hazel: Ok then

Me: the rules are... You must choose truth or dare, if you chicken out, you either pay the person who truth or dared you 10 Drachma or give them one of your weapons. you all start with all your weapons and 50 drachma,plus the drachmas you brought with you. Leo will start off.

Everyone: Oh crap.....

Leo: Percy truth or dare?

Percy: Dare

Leo: I dare you to...

This is my first story so tell me if you like it and please comment some truth or dares to help me out...PLEASE!

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