ii. little white lies

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little white lies

. . .

   What was Regulus talking about? He knew Davie's murder was his fault and no one else's, yet here he was, trying to excuse himself for a crime so wrong he couldn't even imagine it until a few hours ago.

So, why was he lying?

Was he even lying...?

Pathetic. Regulus thought.

The auror sat down on a chair directly opposite Regulus. She stared at him for a second, "What are you implying by that, Mr.Black?"

"Please don't call me Mr.Black. It makes me sound old." Regulus responded in a rough and breathy voice as he looked up at the blonde before looking back down to his hands. It was hard to look at the woman in front of him when all he saw was bits and bobs of Davie in her.

She sighed, "What would you like to be called then, Mr. Bl—" she stopped herself.

"Regulus would be fine." He told her. The boy wasn't sure if the woman was hearing him properly or not due to the fact he was facing downwards, lips barely having the motivation to move and voice so airy that it was almost impossible to hear.

"Alright, Regulus. Would you mind explaining everything to me?" She asked, but he knew there was only one option.

His head shot upwards, "How shall I explain this to you, when I don't understand what happened myself?" He asked, voice yelling as a sudden flow of anger overtook him.

The auror stood up, her chair screeching painfully against the tiles of the floor as her hands slammed agains the table. "You will not raise your voice at me, Mr.Black! I am the authority here and I am trying to help you!"

"What, by putting me into a cell?! Or are you helping by putting me on trial?!" Regulus yelled once again, standing up as well to be at level with the woman.

"We are not discussing that right now, Mr.Black—"

"For Merlin's sake it's Regulus, woman!" He interrupted in a tone that could only be taken as rude by the auror.

"That's it!" The auror said, searching her pouch for something until she found it and pulled out a small flask. The woman started to walk towards him as a moment of panic started to flow through Regulus. What was she going to do to him?

"What— What is that?!" Regulus asked fervently.

The woman pulled her wand out of the back pocket of her slacks and swung it once. Regulus found himself unwillingly falling to his chair, his feet and arms now being unable to move.

When he momentarily glanced at his arms, he saw rope surrounding his wrists and attaching him to the chair. He could only guess the same was done to his ankles.

"Relax, Mr.Black." She told him. The auror stood behind him. Regulus heard the faint sound of a lid being opened before he saw the flask before his face. The auror had put the flask to his nose.

White fumes evaporated from inside. The smell was strong, intoxicating in the worst way possible. Whatever was in the flask made his insides burn as his head started to spin wildly. "We'll talk about Davie Acton once you..." Regulus was sure she had said something more after that unfinished sentence, but he couldn't understand anything but mumbling. His eyes begun to shut and his brain slipped into unconsciousness.

.......Davie Acton— what a beautiful name....... Davie Acton........ Davie........ Acton ....... Davie...... Davie...... Da—

"—vie!" Regulus called from the other side of the Hogwarts corridor. His voice echoed against the long walls and a few heads turn  around their shoulders to see where the sound is coming from.

He practically runs towards the girl.

She turned around and flashed a toothy smile at him. He stoped before her. 

"Reggie." She says as a greeting, "it's so nice to know you're back at stalking me again." She adds, a hint of a smirk playing at the corner of her lip.

"I was not stalking you, Davie." He insists for the millionth time since they met. "I was simply... making sure you got to class safely?", he told her more as a question to himself. After a moment, Regulus squinted his eyes and started lightly bouncing on the balls of his feet at that horrible lie.

It was third year now. The two weren't exactly friends, but they were friendly. Regulus tended to hang around older slytherins and a girl, Ayame Sukō, while Davie preferredto stick to her good old friend, the castle and her unwilling invisibility.

Davie was sure half of the school liked Ayame. I mean, who wouldn't. She was smart, pretty, popular. You would even like her if you didn't know her. Davie often saw Regulus and Ayame hanging out at breakfast, helping her with her homework at study hours, in the common room laughing about some inside joke no one understood.

The two slytherins were close and Davie yearned for a friendship like that.

The hall emptied of people as they all returned to their common rooms. It was the end of the day after all and Davie was planning on retrieving there too.

A silence passes through them.

Davie breaks it.

"Did you want anything?" She asks. Her eyebrow quirking at him and he realises that he had been staring at her.


"Oh. Yeah." He replies, "I wanted to ask if you could help me with my transfiguration homework. I don't really get it."


"Me?" Davie asks. She gives him a weird look, "Reggie, I suck at transfiguration." She tells him.

"Oh." He almost whispers. Red embarrassment crawls up his cheeks as he scratches the back of his head. Regulus stuffs his hands into the pockets of his school trousers. "Well, uh, maybe I could help you instead?" He asks. The boy scrunches up his nose in a way the girl thinks it's the most adorable thing ever.

"I thought you didn't get it." She says with a small laugh in her tone.

"I probably understand it more than you." He says without thinking. She gapes at him and that send him backpedaling, "I mean—"

Davie begins to laugh at his reaction, her shoulders shaking, "Sure." She answers him, "meet me in the common room in 20 minutes."

And, so they did meet that evening and not only did they help each other with homework, yet they also talked and talked and talked into late at night until there was nothing more it talk about.

They found that they had more in common than they had initially thought and ended up becoming great friends for life. Or at least the amount of time Regulus would give her in the near future.

And with years to come, Regulus regretted every little white lie he told Davie just so they could hang out more often. Those little white lies would contribute to losing her life and would add another guilty stone to his back.

I hate this
Anywaysss so as you can probably tell this ff is gonna go back and forth with Regulus' interrogation and his and Davies story at Hogwarts and everything is gonna piece together and hopefully this book will make sense.
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 Alright don't forget to vote and comment if you want to adios ✨bakas✨

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