Things to note.

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This is to let you know that before you put in your entries make sure to follow:


The community's account. ( Mandatory so as to get updates)

It should be noted that the contest's main aim is to help writers: i) find engaged readers
       ii) build genres and fandoms
      iii) acknowledge upcoming writers and those who are undiscovered.

  iv) help readers discover more books and connect with authors

Put in mind that:
* The community reserves the right to remove or disqualify any contestant who infringes the rules of Wattpad Community Guidelines and The Originals Grandeur Community Guidelines.

* We also have the rights to alter the rules regarding the contest. This includes timelines, result dates, eligibility, winners etc

* Entry is simple! No payment of any sort is required to enter or win.

* Changes will be communicated via the community account, that's why we ask you to follow it.

* Add the book to your public reading list and library to get all notifications.

If you have no intention of completing any task provided, do not request for entry. The judges have other lives aside from wattpad so let's consider that.

Also, don't be afraid to ask anything

More communication will be done soon, stay updated!

More communication will be done soon, stay updated!

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